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Cataclysm. I believe I joined shortly after the release of patch 4.1. My first character I ever started was Tauren Hunter, and being a noob I just picked them because they had a cool looking starting pet ._.

I had a serious case of starting a character, playing a couple levels into said character, deleting he/she, then starting a new character. I had finally come to obvious reasoning that I should just start a character and play. Even when I get bored I just stop and maybe a try out another class for a while (without deleting the previous character). I also had no clue how I was supposed to act in dungeons, so I was just instantly attacking everything. Fortunately, I had quickly figured out I needed to let the tank go in first... then I spent I month looking up how to turn off Growl for my pet.

I had picked BM, more because it sounded cool rather than hearing that is was an easy spec. I had begun to enjoy the class, and I started going insane with the pet tames once I discovered Wowhead. Being as smart as I was, I decided "hey, let me ONLY ever do dungeons to get gold and exp". 5 months later, I finally got to the late game. Once I started into levels 80-85, I was mostly just trying to grind for ilevels so I can start the Cata dungeons, and I decided, again, to only level via dungeons. It wasn't too long after I reached max-level when MoP was announced. I was super hyped because of theme, the new class and race, and it would be the first xpac I could experience all the way through. Not too long after 5.2, "I HAVE A BRILLIANT IDEA! IMMA DELETE MY MAX LEVEL CHARACTER CUZ LOLZ."

Lo and behold, I decided to start from scratch. Never experienced Throne of Thunder. Never experienced Siege of Orgrimmar. Never experienced any of the raids/world bosses. I also didn't think to contact Blizzard support and make up some story like, "I was cleaning out my unwanted characters, and accidentally deleted my max level character. Naheluonah (his actual name) is that max level character. Can you please restore him?" I'm sure Blizz would have restored him regardless of the story, and then probably asked how the hell I didn't notice I was about to delete my max level character.

So back to the actual question, MoP was my favorite xpac even with the brief experience I had with the actual Pandaria content. I loved the stories, the themes, the pandas, and the pandas. To this day I STILL hate myself for deleting my max level character for no good reason. I could've actually experienced the full xpac had that idea not existed (I seriously don't know what made me come to that decision). I really hope that Blizz makes a "Pristine Server" for MoP so I can experience the xpac again, but properly this time. I'm also hoping that there can be some sort of boost to the start of the end game content. Level 85 in this case since that's where the "Pandaren Campaign" starts.


Started: Cataclysm, Patch 4.1

Favorite Expansion: Mists of Pandaria
I started mid-vanilla on my first account. Although I loved TBC, Wrath has the best memories for me because by then hubby and I were a resto team in bg's. Lots of great times. So, Wrath would definitely be my favorite.
"I started in Cata, and my favorite expansion, so far, is MoP."
11/01/2016 05:52 PMPosted by Rainsinger
Stress Test for the original WoW. Wrath was probably the high point for me.

Beta for me. Same as to high point, although I enjoyed * some * of almost all expacs. (Cata was lowpoint)
In Vanilla, right before BC released. I still have to say BC was my favorite just because that's when I ever got to do my first raid, Wotlk for the sheer fact it was my real first "Progressive" Expansion, pushing Heroic ICC/Ulduar HM etc
Played a trial in Vanilla.

Started actually playing at the beginning of TBC but quit about 9 times on the way to 70.

!@#$ took forever.

Wrath is the one true xpac king.
I joined in Classic and my favorite point in time was probably Cataclysm. It made leveling 1-60 bearable, dungeons were fun, economy was quite active and healthy, and playerbase was pretty healthy back then too. The story was unfortunate and it was the start of the population decline but no expansion is perfect!
I played during the 1st Open Beta (guess that is PTR now) and started on Nov 23 2004. I have most enjoyed Lich King the best, although Burning Crusade is a very close second.
I joined around 3 months after Wow came out...

Honestly, my favorite expansion has been Legion... but vanilla is when I enjoyed Wow the most.

Why is legion my favorite? Well, I think Legion returned some of the things that made Wow really great. The content feels accessible and challenging, there is so much to do, and the story and questing is the best so far.

Does it have it's flaws? absolutely.... but a lot of it's flaws were inherited from other expansions. To me , blizzard ruined pvp when TBC came out.... it has never been the same since. The big bad mark on this expac to me is the pruning and lack of class fantasy...too many classes and specs have very similar abilities and functionality. Other than that... The raids, the landscapes, dungeons and Everything... is beautifully done, and a lot of fun.
I tried it for a few days in vanilla and quit. I was really horrible and got frustrated so I gave it up for a while. A Coworker in BC talked me into returning. He had me join his guild and people helped me get better. I eventually met my wife in game so I'm glad I got talked into coming back to wow.
11/01/2016 05:52 PMPosted by Rainsinger
Stress Test for the original WoW. Wrath was probably the high point for me.

Same for me. Though I usually play the first year or so of an X-Pac and then take a break until the next one comes out.
I joined several months into Burning Crusade with my hunter here. Being able to step through the Dark Portal into Outland for the first time was pretty amazing. I've enjoyed all of the expansions but I think my favorite is still WotLK. Fighting against Arthas and finally being able to take him down was a pretty awesome storyline.
I joined in vanilla. I played the RTS game first.
i technically joined during the burning crusade but my pc was too awful to really do much of anything
ended up quitting for a couple years and rejoining later in wotlk
favorite expansion would still be wotlk
During Vanilla's first few months. Played Warcraft I, II & III, but put off WoW due to work/fatherly duties. However, resistance was futile. Been here since, albeit in the most casual of forms. Regardless, glad you're all here and having fun.

Classic, 29 Nov 2004.

My favorite xpac is TBC.
I started around mid-BC, I saw the trailer for the Zul'Aman patch and got curious about the game.

I don't know if I can pick a favorite game, I honestly liked almost all of the expansion, even Cataclysm.

I guess if I had a least favorite expansion it would be WoD, I completely skipped that one.
11/01/2016 10:35 PMPosted by Mentholman

he probably did and I suspect a higher number of vanilla players over others reading this thread even are bothering stating when - i myself didn't see the point.

it's cool to brag about playing this game for over 10 years i guess.
I started playing about one year before BC came out. My server's "AQ War Effort" thing was going on while I got this character to 60. I remember turning in some lowbie stuff like copper bars for it.

BC was my favorite expansion. My guild was at its strongest, all of my friends were still playing, and I loved questing/raiding in Outland content. BC also introduced a lot of great things to the game (heroic dungeons, flying, etc).

In all the time I've been playing, the only expansion I didn't like overall was WoD. Longest break I've taken in game was during WoD. I was active for maybe 2-3 months total during that expansion. I didn't raid in WoD, and WoD was really big on the "raid or GTFO" thing, so I got bored really fast.

Once I hit level 100, I wasn't doing much other than logging in for garrison chores. After I got bored with that, I unsubscribed and didn't come back until about a month before Legion's release.
11/02/2016 05:33 AMPosted by Roxette
he probably did and I suspect a higher number of vanilla players over others reading this thread even are bothering stating when - i myself didn't see the point.

The point is he/she asked.

11/02/2016 05:33 AMPosted by Roxette
it's cool to brag about playing this game for over 10 years i guess.

No, we're not doing that to be cool... he/she asked.

I could see your point if the thread was about something from left field like battle pets...

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