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Just thought I'd share what I think is kind of funny. 18 days of gamplay at 110, 2 months in, 100's of wq's, mythics, raids and what not. No legendary.

Got 2 legendaries on back to back mobs today. Within 30 seconds of each other.
This system needs a serious fix. They were the worst 2 possible legendaries too so might as well uninstall now since I'm stuck with them forever.
Run speed Haste Mastery boots (my worst 2 stats)

im stuck with them because of the extra 500 int.

i do love how Bliz has trolled me since giving them to me, by giving me at least 20 pairs of boots with Crit Vers or Crit Mastery.

i mean supposedly we are to get all the legendaries available to us durring the course of the xpack so i doubt that you will be stuck "forever" with only those two. sorry for your loss tho may RNGsus light your way
Well at least you got the two worst out of the way...? :P
11/01/2016 01:54 PMPosted by Lascielle
Well at least you got the two worst out of the way...? :P

This isn't wrong. I know it doesn't soften the blow right now OP but at least it's only better pieces to look forward to from here X3
At least you've gotten legendaries. I've been 110 for over a month and gotten nothing whereas one of my guildies got one yesterday, and one today.
yeah at least you got it... ive been playing since release and nothing on none of my three 110 toons ive don't tons of dungeons and nothing. mythics, raids emissaries... and yet 4 to 5 of guildies have gotten them today and yet I still have no luck whatso ever... as well ive been playing non stop because I'm disabled...
I have played everyday, done some heroics, some LFR, some dungeons and have completed close to 300 WQ. No legendary yet. I am happy with the game still for I do not base my happiness on a grouping of pixels.
I finally got my first one yesterday :)
One guildee has run over 200 mythic + and has only gotten 1 legendary somewhere around m+ #180.

Other guildees have run 8 or less and only log in for raids and they have gotten legendaries.

I got my @$#% neck with crit mastery and absorb shield, useless for boomkin so to the tank gear set.

Why they put in 4 absolutely worthless legendaries amongst the 3 useful ones is beyond me. Then make it RNG to drop, and RNG of which one you get.

Then again, look at the loot tables for raids and see that they only itemized gear for 1 class/specc for the armor type and not be surprised.
Welcome to owning the boots friend, they are so so so terrible :(
People upset with their legendaries and i'm sitting here with 11 days played at 110, 300 WQs, Tons of dungeons and BGs and I haven't seen one. And i've leveled 2 more 110s and I still haven't seen one. My friend just whispered me today. He got his 3rd legendary -.-
At least you didnt get a legendary item for a follower and then you find out that the chances RESET to get another apparently.

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