<Avenged> 3/7 H EN LFM

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Hello all!

<Avenged> is currently recruiting more DPS and Healers to progress through Heroic EN and beyond as more content comes out. We raid two nights a week as we know that real life will always be more important.

Our raid schedule is Sunday and Wednesday from 8-11 cst.

As we currently have a solid group already we are mainly looking to add a few more numbers to our ranks to provide stability moving forward. We also look to do Mythic and Mythic+ runs on off nights.

Please feel free to reach out and looking forward to downing more content.

I'd be interested in joining to help fill in on occasional raiding runs and do mythic+ content on off nights. I've largely capped out my progress running solo and pugs so looking for a guild that runs mythic+ more regularly. 861 hunter.
Can also get ahold of me @ klic#1286
Bump LF Healer, also we are 10/10 Heroic HYPE!
Holy Pally here. Lil late to the post. HMU if you're still looking for Holy/Ret pally moving forward...


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