[H-Frostmourne] <Build Trumps Wall> 4/10M

Hi :D

Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:30-10:30 Server time - Progression
Have farm / heroic optional raids running nearly every day for people who are keen.

We are currently looking for dedicated players to join the team. We want to have compositional options when approaching progression, so we can take our guild to the next level.

Recruiting active mythic + players. We have a bunch of players who love pushing high keys and spamming mythic +.

We have a super big/active community = D

Mic / Discord required.

We expect our raiders to educate themselves on upcoming progression fights, account for their own consumables, be cool with being subbed and be responsible for maintaining a decent level of performance as it pertains to their class.

Raid spots / Loot dependent upon attendence and performance. Raid spots are always up for grabs, we have a friendly competitive environment to keep everyone honest.

we expect a high level of dedication from our raiders also - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9fwEHRS2nw

add dmac16#1960 to enquire
thanks for the bump champ
Still looking to fill core ranged dps spot!
still lookin :P
why would u clowns all bump it within 1 minute of each other
Core positions for dedicated/active players still up for grabs ! , good time to join, before nighthold :D
positions still available !
Pretty sure theres plenty of ranged dps and healer spots here in 7M guilds but gl ;)

fyi, I started my lock back up in ur guild before I xfered it just over a month ago
Nighthold/immediate spots available for exceptional applicants !
trump bump
We have space for a nighthold ready tank, as well as all other exceptional applicants, pls add dmac16#1960 to apply
always lookin , just send me a pm on bnet at dmac16#1960 !
still lookin for high performance / active players!
Room for a strong holy pally / resto druid !

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