Old Vanilla Flavour + a dash of Dragonblight

Dragonblight and Fenris
long time ago..
You see, Rev was at a level where ZG/AQ20 or MC experienced players would have had alot of trouble keeping up with them. Gear is a factor, but so is skill, raid experience, etc. There are not that many people who can readily jump into a AQ40 or Naxx guild and take care of business. Finding a guild is more than just about raiding, it's also a kind of family, group of friends, and people you enjoy the game with. Any good guild, casual or raiding, are careful about who they take and any GL will tell you that attitude is the most important. You might wanna check yours before you continue apping elsewhere.
Does Flambeau remember?
They'll be back... They always come back.
Grats Madthekillah on HWL
Been here since vanilla. Always come back to complete missions and max out my main. Never stay long after, but came back to raid and pvp for now.

I remember Mav and helping him once in awhile to reach highwarlord. Then helping my friend frozentruth (cadince) and a few Ock members getting their highearlord title. I was in Visions of Anarchy and Ock was the top horde guild. I think I was the first shaman on server to complete the ten storms set. Maybe someone in Ock got it, Bishop? But I got lucky and completed the set very quickly.
I'll check in for The Fighting Mongooses, good times!
Mezent, the then Tauren Hunter checking in.

I have a few,

First, word up anyone that remembers Godz Evil Puppetz. We were a small guild... With Tank who refused to wear his pants regularly.

Someone tell Mesa to stop kiting world dragons to Org please.


and the best Chuck Norris, Murloc memes this side of the Ashenvale Boarder.

I also raided with Last Hope toward the end of Vanilla as well if memory serves, Went to Zul'jin once server Xfers became available as DB was slowly losing steam.
Oh man, you guys brought back memories. While I wasn't on for Vanilla, I did join up in BC and all the names bring back memories. I was a noob then reading the constant chat in Dragonblight and laughing so hard at all of it. I would get on after work just to read the chat. During Wrath, trade chat just got more hilarious and random with characters whose names escape me but I would know if I saw again. It was around three or four months before the release of Cata that everything fell apart. Through Cata, some of the old crowd remained, but with the combination of Fenrir, trade chat was lost quickly. Most moved realms while others faded out and left.
I was in a guild, The Pantsless Avengers, that is still around, but is a ghost of itself. (There are characters on the guild that haven't been on in 13 years.) My character was Lyira, a Hunter, and I remember a few of your names as helping me in my noob days. Thanks for that.
I was inspired to find this thread when I posted a question to Dragonblight trade chat tonight that, in the old days, would have launched a debate that would have lasted hours in the BC and early Wrath days. Tonight, the only response I got was from a Dragonblighter of old who said "Dramablight is dead."

How very true that is. RIP Dragonblight. Your chat channels echo with the talks of old.
Yet another DB Vet here!

A lot of names in here that I recognize! I Played Vanilla->BC on Daragosh, and Wrath->Cata as Groundstrike/Daranub, if you happen to come across this post and remember me add my btag!

Raided in a few guilds that I can barely remember the names of, Tactical Vengeance, Ascendance, Redemption.

Raided on DB back in BC/Wrath with Darkness and whatever guild ex-Darkness members joined when I took a break between expansions. I needed a gem the other day, and I was feeling nostalgic for Kuros' old trade chat postings to help raise my kurscore with the finest gem cuts in the land. Fun times.
I recognized some names for sure here. It's cool to see some of you guys are still around.

I transfered to DB during TBC after having my application accepted by the Horde raiding guild Ascendance. What this guild has done for me was give me the greatest experience that I have ever had in any video game. I was one of the raid healers for the guild progressing all the way up to defeating Illidan in the black temple and finally defeating Kil'jaden in the sunwell as well.

What I remember most is the epic progression race between The OCK and Ascendance to be the first to down Illidan and then KJ on the horde side. We were always neck to neck.

Anyone that remembers me feel free to add me! Btag: xPinkerton#1361

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