What class abilities do you want unpruned?

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The team is also going to try to improve the feel of the classes and add some utility to classes that had a little bit much pruning.

What abilities do you want added back to your class/spec?

I would like to see earth shield for resto shamans.
Shattering Throw
Hunters..still waiting for more but at least Hunters are getting Traps returned Spec wide
Spectral Guise, Feathers, and Life Grip for Shadow =)
Hammer of Wrath!!
Warlocks - NEED soulshatter, and in a fair world would get hellfire back too
Hunter - ice trap
The entirety of the Hunter class. I want BM to not be 2 buttons and CDs. I want SV to not be a clunky mess. I want MM to not be RNG-to-win.

I want DHs to get buffed and have better utility.

I want them to fix the rage starving that Prot Warriors have. I want them to make Arms not be a Colossus-to-win spec.
11/04/2016 03:56 PMPosted by Papuspapus

Honestly I would like to see Haunt baseline for Affliction again.
Heroic Strike plz
If I was allowed to pick eyes of the beast and symbiosis.
For my Mage I would like Remove Curse back. I know it seems small but it bothers me not to be able to remove curses. I would also like my Polymorph variants back that they took for no reason, what was even the point of removing them.

For my Paladin I want my execute back.
A lot of baseline blood DK stuff got turned into subpar talents, I'd like for them to look over that stuff again.

I want that spell so badly.
Remember when DKs could resurrect themselves as a ghoul?
gladiator stance.

i want my baby back
Spectral guise for all specs

feathers returned to 60% speed boost- they can stay 4 sec duration, but pls buff the speed.

psychic horror for shadow.

penance slowing an enemy target ( just personal preference)

psychic scream baseline for all specs at 30 seconds- put something else in place of the CD reduction talent.

Not all of these need to come back, but a few of any of them would be lovely.

bubble for holy. make it worse than discs, but it would be amazing to have an instant cast that isn't mostly-worthless to press (ala renew atm)

while we're at it, make renew worth pressing again.
11/04/2016 04:02 PMPosted by Velvet
Remember when DKs could resurrect themselves as a ghoul?

Couldn't they also turn dead party members to ghouls?

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