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So I know everyone is either exited or annoyed about the new mounts,

But what's everyone fav new mount?

I got to say I will be rolling out a Shammy after next patch because their mount I love
DK class mount is the best by far. Shammy coming in at a close second.
I find it hard to feel hyped about anything anymore until I find out if it's limited time content or will still be available later for those of us who play the game "wrong" (the mention of the moose rather spooked me).

(That said, the death knight mount is the one that caught my eye)
I feel kinda jipped off with my mount. Its not a mount, I shapeshift again.... I better be able to have someone ride this flying form or something because everyone gets a sick mount and I get to turn into an owl.... I can get a glyph and do that now if I wanted to.
I think they're all pretty cool, in their own ways. I do wish, however, that we had been able to see them all fly.
Druid ftw
Not excited at all for that mage one. Absolutely trash.

Glad I have a shaman alt so at least I can get a cool one on another character.
I like most of them, others seem pretty boring though.

Priests for example. Like what even is that? A weird light owl?

Rogues also got the most boring thing imaginable, just a crow... a big crow.

The Warlock one is terrible, it's just the normal boring lvl 40 mount with the greenfire questline except HD. Why not a different demon?

Druid one is also just an owl... a big owl. Seems lazy. Could have been an Emerald Dragon, or a flying tree.

Also Mages just get a disk. Just a disk. That flies. How boring can you get?

The DK one seems way too green, it looks like a demonic fel dragon.
Priest mount by far. Have you seen how intense its face looks? And those huge paws? Those knocking it have no appreciation for majestic cuteness.

Shaman would likely be second, or even first just for how unique it is.

After those two I'd have to go with the Hunter mount and the DH mount.

Not a huge fan of the Warlock, Paladin, Mage or Warrior mounts. Rogue and DK mounts are alright, definitely not bad by any means.

Edit: Oh yeah, the Druid form. It reminds me of Articuno when it flies, so there's that, but otherwise it's kind of strange that there's two owls on the go.
The hunter one looks awesome to me. The druid one looks disappointing.
I like the warlock one. Just feels like it should be an update for our current dreadsteed. Was kinda hoping for fel bat. Either way though, free mount is a free mount.
I like the raven for my rogue. The priest one looks really odd, would have preferred just a normal owl. Paladin one is just a stupid human themed horse, I will never use it.

I think rogues and shamans got the best ones.
Priest Owl, so far has my top vote. It's perfect, for the class.

Actually the first post I saw didnt show the DK mount...HOLY SHEET!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that thing look incredible? Change to DK as best mount!
I absolutely love the idea of class mounts. About time we get something unique. The first time I saw the priest one I thought it was some kind of joke because the owl face was just too cute and looked a bit odd. But I slept on it and I have to say it's kinda grown on me.... when I realized it was +1 more mount to my mount collection.

Id probably say my favorite one is the monk tiger. I'm a bit jealous.
the crow was my favorite, and i really liked the shaman and rouge ones. im sad about the mage one though, it feels like they always theme anything we get around arcane idk
Will all these class mounts fly? obviously some where shown to fly, some weren't.
11/05/2016 07:18 AMPosted by Kagehãto
Will all these class mounts fly? obviously some where shown to fly, some weren't.

I have a feeling they will. Well, I am hoping they all will. And those without wings or being hoover board hopefully have some unique flight animation.
I love the DK, hunter, and DH mounts myself. Sham mount is pretty cool too and certainly the most unique
11/05/2016 07:18 AMPosted by Kagehãto
Will all these class mounts fly? obviously some where shown to fly, some weren't.

I believe they said that even though we didn't see all of them flying in the trailer, they're still flying mounts. I guess they're hiding wings somewhere or they just float? I don't know.

BTW: Very happy with the shaman mount! I also really liked the DK and hunter ones as well. The mage and warrior ones were my least favorite.

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