Archaeology Quest-Explosive Results

Bug Report
After clicking on the piles, the fragments drop out but can not click on the fragments to collect them.
yep 3 alli and 2 horde trying with me not working for anyone
I am having the same problem as well. Rocks blow up artifacts drop but can open or pick them up.
Same issue for me. Rocks explode but fragments cannot be looted.
Same issue here. The rocks explode but I can't pick up the fragments either.
Also having this issue.
Same result here. I get the message "You can't open that".
And same.
Don't mind me. I'm just here for the comments...............and hopeful resolution.
throwing my name in for future answer....
The same has been happening with me.
Same issue.
Same issue as well
Same thing here, relogged.. did not help.
Me too.

I submitted a bug report and thought I'd post here as well.
Same, mound explodes but I cannot loot artifacts
yep just happened to me too
Same issue on Exodar/Medivh.

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