Valarjar reputation not in reputation list

I feel like I am going crazy, I can't for the life of me figure out why I don't even have Valarjar listed as a reputation?? I have done all the quests in Stormheim and yet I don't have this at all?

What is going on...?
For whatever reason, I can never find Valarjar rep on armory, not even my own shows up and I know I'm just a bit off Exalted.

Do you have it in game? Mine shows properly in game.
Weird, neither of you show a nightfallen or valarjar rep but i can see my own just fine.

Is it a faction thing? Does armory not show it for Horde characters in general?
Interesting. I have exalted with Valajar on my warrior and it isn't shown in my profile either. But a bunch of reps that I have 0 in are. Strange.
I had no problem getting valajar reputation listed so far with my warriors, paladin, priest, and warlock ---- but my mage doesn't show anything.
I have regular experience points for the quests in Stormheim being registered but no visible credit for valajar.
Valajar isn't even in the "C" window for reputation.
I didn't see a more recent post about this, so sorry for the necro.

Just wondering if this is going to be fixed - don't see Valarjar nor Nightfallen rep on the Armory. This is probably the reason Wowhead shows me as Hated with both of those factions, even though I'm at least Honored with Nightfallen and I believe Revered with Valarjar. I do a lot of obsessing about stuff like reputation when I'm not in-game, so getting this fixed would help (well, it would help me obsess, which isn't really helping, but it's what I want).


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