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It depends

If you're talking about the community that existed classic through WoTLK then yes I do miss that sometimes.

If you're talking about just before they started merging, excuse me, coalescing realms then No.

By the time that they started the realm coalescing the server community on the servers I play on was already long dead and destroyed thanks to the 4.0 patch changes. The shared lockouts, and equal difficulty 10s/25s were the biggest reasons.
Absolutely. I've been on Maelstrom RPPVP since 2005. I chose RPPVP on purpose.
I hate CRZ and being forced to share the open world with players from non-RP realms.
Yes. All the hot ones are married with kids now.
Yeah. CRZ-wise. Not LFD/LFR wise, I prefer them crossrealm, but for world zones... Leave them empty.
I miss it, but I was also on a high population realm back in those days.

I imagine my perspective might be a bit different if I were on one of the dead realms.
I sure do dislike CRZ and merges. We were recently merged with quite a few Horde heavy realms and it seems as though there are no Alliance anywhere outside of Dalaran.

Everywhere I go to try and complete my world quests, I'm surrounded by swathes of Horde players from Bleeding Hollow, Illidan and Laughing Skull. With the constant 30 v 1 fights it sure makes it hard to get things done. This is also an issue for one of my alts that I've been leveling.

I'm sure there are other groups where the opposite is the problem, but I can't speak for those.
I miss no CRZ. Who asked for the zone kara is in to be CRZ? Do we really need a million horde camping the summoning stone and kara attunement area?
Not really. My server was kind of dwindling so it's nice not feeling like I'm playing a dieing game.
Rather be on a small realm where you know everyone than having an enormous faction imbalance.

Would also rather be on a global server with balanced factions and no need to server transfer than I would on a small realm.
I miss when servers were actually a community and not just a place you stored your character on.
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...single realms?

oh yeah..who doesnt miss long queues for everything.,..

WHY THE FUK would u miss that?1
11/10/2016 10:56 AMPosted by Eeker
Yup. While I don't mind a merged realm, I do hate CRZ with a passion. At least with merged realms you can still get to know who is who and have a thriving community.

I like the connected realms (when appropriate based on realm populations). At least when this is done I can continuously interact with the players on the other realm that is now really the same realm that I am on (trade/AH/guilds/etc).

I enjoy being able to bring a Btag friend from a different realm along to an instance, but feel that we should not be able to interact at all until that player is in the instance with me.

I would love to see CRZ and server hopping be nuked from orbit, with further destruction happening after that point. If you are not part of my realms economy, then I don't want to know about your existence, unless it is because we are working together in an instance. Please note, my definition of an instance involves travelling through a Dungeon/Raid zone portal, not walking into a WQ area in the outside world and finding everyone else there.
I was told that there are Single Realms nearby just dying to meet me!
I barely even notice.
No i do not.
Maybe because i have no desire to be part of a community.
I would be happy if it was just one massive server for a region and main layers of a area so it didnt get to crowded.
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11/10/2016 10:48 AMPosted by Theft
...single realms?

oh yeah..who doesnt miss long queues for everything.,..

WHY THE FUK would u miss that?1

...queues? You went to your dungeon* with the group, from your realm, that you formed by actively participating in Trade with other Real Life People. At this point the game might as well be filled with non-interactive bots. Suppose you wouldn't know how to interact socially though, judging from that post and others you've made.

*BG queues were also never unbearable.
Do I like single realms: Yes and no.

Yes: I joined a low pop realm because I wanted low population. I prefer to solo and even with grouping when there are a lot of players it's difficult to find materials and find enough npc's to kill for the quest.

No: For those quests where you have to group, and there are several this expac where you need at least one other for some of the classes/specs to be able to take down the npc... More players are needed. Low Pop servers are, without CRZ, low... no one is around. Can't do that quest... Also dungeons and raids would be pretty much impossible do to the low player count.

Right now one of my alts is waiting for someone else to come around so she can complete a quest. No one was in that entire area yesterday when I was on and it's a connected realm with CRZ. lol So even with CRZ it can be a dead zone sometimes.

There are pros and cons. I think overall the pros for CRZ outweigh the cons. Though that varies from server to server.

When the player count is high and you get CRZ... ugh. When the player count isn't high you need CRZ. Kind of depends on the time of day and the day of the week.
I miss them only because I hate CRZ.

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