Angel Wings for Epic Class Mount - Petition

Disclaimer: This isn't my personal unique idea, as plenty of people brought it up in the class mount thread. I am simply giving the idea it's own thread because it's honestly a great idea, even if it seems too cool for Blizzard to ever do.

Angel Wings as our Paladin Epic Class Mount

Class Fantasy matters to Blizzard a lot right now, this is probably why our previewed class mount is another armoured steed, that's the class fantasy mount for paladins - even though 2 of 5 paladin races do not use a horse by default. The existing previewed class mount can be seen here, not that we've seen how it's supposed to fly yet but this is a petition for a different idea.

Being an Angel is surprisingly close to the class fantasy of all Paladins. We don't just believe in the light, for we fight with with it and we fight for it. We are the vanguard of the light who are willing to take up arms so that others do not have to. Does this draw similarities to what Angels represent in fantasy? One of Blizzard's other games is an obvious example: Diablo. The angels and archangels are battle capable warriors of the light.

We are warriors of light, righteous crusaders. We bring holy judgement, wrath and justice upon our enemies. We are protectors of the innocent and beacons of hope, faith and virtue. Our existing class fantasy thoroughly supports references and similarities to angels.

It would be entirely fitting for Paladins using the light to literally take flight.
- angel wings would be the simplest way to do this
- the animation could have a moment of prayer (like Contemplatoin) before light bursts forth us before we gracefully default to a hovering pose (like the Valkyr)
- a glyph or two could instead allow choice of 4 or even 6 wings instead of 2
- an angelic form on the other hand, while it might be more unique, it may clash with the warrior associated angelic beings the Valkyr and the existing transformation during Guardian of Ancient Kings (see below)

Various in game examples of existing angel and angelic references for Paladins:

Avenging Wrath, aka Wings, is our most well known buff that spawns actual wings of light as we enter a brief moment of angelic empowerment. It's Glyph of Winged Vengeance instead depicts 4 wings, commonly associated with angelic beings. 2 wings 4 wings

Guardian of Ancient Kings (Protection only) goes even further and transforms the casting Paladin into the likeness of an Angel: a being made of light with wings of light.

The Lv75 Holy Talent option, Holy Avenger, has an icon that looks like an Angel: a holy being with wings of light.

The Lv100 Protection Talent option, Seraphim. Seraphim being the highest rank in the Christian angelic hierarchy and in the fifth rank of ten in the Jewish angelic hierarchy. This speaks for itself.

I am sure there are many more. From the various names of our abilities to spells, visuals, and glyphs that perhaps I have forgotten right now.

Join me & voice your approval for the Paladin Epic Class Mount to be Angel Wings!
I think they already said that all class mounts can fly, even if they didn't show it in the video. Who knows? Maybe it already has angel wings that pop out when you go to fly, I highly doubt it'll just be a flying horse.
I like this idea.
after reading your statements I kinda want to be able to take on the form of guardian of ancient kings and fly or have a mount speed buff. Just a thought
That guardian of ancient kings idea would be pretty awesome. Maybe give it a hover animation or a special run when it's on the ground, I can't say I've ever had it on while moving at mount speeds but I worry it would look silly if it retains it's current animations.
I aprove this, would be amazing.

Much better than a plain horse with a book and armor.
*LIKE* :)
I must be the outlier, I like the idea of Edgelord paladins (heck it was half the reason I made a horde pali all those years back) and prefer something other than angelic wings. But seeing it on tyrael's steed is a cool sight.

At the end of the day I am not against it and even support it, but would be cool if paladins had an option to corrupt it much like Ret's hidden (in a way that makes some sense for you lore nuts, not that that's a bad thing).

Don't forget there are grey areas in the game guys, not all is black and white as most paladins (in my experience) seem to paint it.

/rant over

PS - You get a like from me.
Is be happy with a Pslly flying horse like Invincible or the Hearthsteed.
11/09/2016 12:40 PMPosted by Uhlrik
Is be happy with a Pslly flying horse like Invincible or the Hearthsteed.

I'm not sure why people down voted me up there, but I'm like 90% sure they said this horse gonna fly.
11/09/2016 01:28 PMPosted by Comphr
I'm not sure why people down voted me up there, but I'm like 90% sure they said this horse gonna fly.

I think many people object to another Charger mount, regardless of whether it flies or not.

I actually love the idea of Angel wings for the Paladin. I can appreciate that not everyone would jive with the holy wings, though, so perhaps an inscription that turns the wings into something darker would be appropriate, too.
As someone who suggested the angel wings in another thread, I fully support this idea!
Yes, plz.
I agree completely. +1.
I am not against the new mount or anything but the mount idea the op put sounds amazing I am all for it.
Turn us into a revamped Guardian of Ancient Kings or build onto the Diablo Angel design. Quick cast to summon for flight, keep the mount as a summon for ground only.
Great idea! when I first read we were getting class mounts, I got so excited and instantly went to search what paladins were going to receive.... really just another horse, compared to the others that's so lame. Worst part... My alt is a warlock lol same scenario but at least that's a cool upgraded for the fel steed.
The paladin mount is pretty overall just boring and I'll keep using other mounts in place of it.
This is a good idea, really anything other than the horse would be great! as a Draenei paladin I'm so sad that i have to look ridiculous on something that is supposed to be super epic- the class flying mounts. The creativity in each other classes mounts is so abundant. You can just see the brainstorming that went into the Priest, Rogue, and Shaman mounts. This paladin horse is so overdone, It doesn't feel new. Really nothing about the Paladin lore in legion seems new. It's almost as if Blizzard is making some of their stuff lame so that the class doesn't overpopulate.
Yeah let me just float around in the sky like a damn christmas ornament, that totally makes more sense for a paladin than an armored winged charger or anything like that..

Yknow how Blizzard would implement flying paladins? They'll use the swimming animations. Your idea looks cool standing still, but in motion, we're going to look like cold fish with stick-on wing effects wiggling through the sky. Gosh I can't imagine anything more majestic than that!

I know we're paladins and all, but that's no excuse for bad taste lol.
I think angel wings would be great. If they insist on the horse though the horse needs wings too. Really don't want a rando flying horse with no wings that would just look aweful.

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