Please hotfix the weekly world quests!

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It's taking 2-3 kills to get credit.
Ugh.. Again???
And now apparently it's resetting too.

I got completion after the second kill on my druid but the quest is back up again.

What is going on lol
Yep, it seemed to complete but then the quest tracker shows 0/1 for kills. Not sure if I got no credit (it seems like I didn't get the resources), but I did get ~40 gold.
I gave up on "Wanted: Nameless King" on a few characters since that one seems to bug out all the time now.
I have never had a problem. Maybe it requires you to do good dps to the boss to get credit?

Quick downvote me for making a joke.
Same here for the world boss. Killed it three times, got some gold of it, but the 1k resources quest for it is still up.
World boss quest failed. Don't care for resource so I am going to pass..
I killed him twice before I got credit for the World Quest. Which was weird, because I even got loot off of him on the first kill.
I need the resources on my alts, so hopefully blizzard will fix this.

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