Hydraxis and Terenas
Came back to WoW recently after seeing so many changes in the game. Now looking for somewhere to socialise as i can find any trace of the guild i spent so long with. (Twlights Void)

Way back when i started i was heavily into PVP and raiding, Would like to get back into the former to start, maybe raiding at a later date. Right now i need to focus on learning the changes and the new areas, not to mention getting to 110 lol. Main is a druid, i also have a shaman, hunter, warrior etc etc.

So if you're looking for a older druid to pester, hit me up. Not in a rush to join the first guild that comes along, but if the right one is out there. Again, mainly looking for some people to chat to ask annoying questions and PVP/Dungeon/Raid with :)

Hey man,

We're always open to adding new people, we are more a PvE guild than a PvP guild but we do have some people that grind BGs/Arenas. Best of luck in your search.

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