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I saw in another thread that someone said it was hard to get into guilds on Alliance unless you knew someone.

That seems kinda surprising to me, but...

Twilight Alliance isn't really recruiting. We are no longer a hardcore progression raiding guild. We have a single anyone-welcome Sunday night raid and a few groups doing KZ and mythic+ dungeons.

Most of us in TA have been around for 8+ years, some from the very earliest months of the game.

We aren't really looking to expand the guild, but I firmly believe that WoW is a better game when played with friends. The game is far more enjoyable in a guild that matches your personality and goals for the game than it is just going solo.

So... if you're like us and If you're looking for a home, just some place to hang out with a pretty laid back group of vets that take a relaxing approach to the game now, then whisper me in game and we can chat a bit.

Be aware... we're mostly 30+ (maybe mostly 40+ nowadays) and so as you might guess our guild chat tends to reflect who we are. (We actually spell out the word your instead ur :)
This is still true for folks looking for a good fit
You can also reach me at Candara, Xandara or Jandari
01/27/2017 09:40 PMPosted by Zandara
This is still true for folks looking for a good fit

Hopefully you guys have cleansed some of the more catty drama queens that were in that guild when I was years ago, Ain't nobody got time for that.
TA is open to new members. We are mostly retired hardcore raiders (started in Jan 2005) and now we do mythic+ and raid Sunday evenings. If you've been around WoW for a while and are just looking for a home then get in touch with me.
can i join ur gild?
A couple of people asked about our raiding...

To be very clear - if you are interested in progression raiding, TA is not the guild for you - there are plenty of quality guilds on this server looking for more raiders.

We are not really recruiting raiders - if you DO raid, hey that's great, but it's no longer a requirement to be in TA.

We are truly just opening the doors to people like us: folks that have played a long time, remember the game as being better with friends. Maybe running some mythic+ in the evenings and getting our "raid-fix" one night a week.

Now that said... since folks always seem to ask. We've cleared multiple m+15 runs and now many (most?) of us do a m+10 each week for sure just to get the 905 loot :) Raid-wise we are 6/10 heroic.

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