RBG win for rank 3 shoulders


what the actual !@#$
Yep. Been stated on these forums multiple times in multiple threads. Rated PvP content for professions is stupid and hurts both the players who struggle with PvP as well as the people who are actually care about rated content.

Welcome to the club.
See, I wouldn't mind as much if it were possible to get the Rank 3 patterns from the queued PvP content (BGs/Arenas) or an alternative source... but rated battlegrounds, where it's premade vs. premade? That's building a brick wall there...
I wouldn't even have a problem if there was a sensible reason for it to be there, like the shoulders were PvP shoulders or something.

But nope - just some random thing to upset the OCD of players.
Guys just do it. You'll love it. Like everything else you're being forced to do in Legion. Like not flying so you can enjoy the scenery. Think of the art team. And the sound team. Experience their hard work.
12/02/2016 03:34 AMPosted by Cajunfries
Guys just do it.

I certainly don't have any way of doing a rated BG, let alone winning one.
Any ideas on how to get into a rated BG if I have never PVP'd before?
4 Rated BG wins so far this season and no shoulder plans for me yet. Like others have stated, this is doubly bad design. Infuriating for people who don't like to pvp, and typically results in low pvp skilled players trying for it. Then infuriating people who do like to pvp but getting stuck with the low skilled players. This has been my only reason I've ever done rated BG content before. I don't like the stress of rated content. When I BG, I'd rather do it in casual for fun.

This shouldn't be a "lesson learned" for you Blizz. Fix it now.
That is unfortunate. I am in a similar boat with the quest fest that is Legion. I've never really cared for quests and the amount that I've been forced to do in order to complete the most basic things seems overwhelming this expansion. At least you don't have to do as many rbgs as I've had to do quests

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