Memory Lane

Antonidas and Uldum
Its been 4 years since I server transferred, just wanted to pop in and say hello to my home that began it all back in 2004, Uldum was my home that started it all for my love of Warcraft that turned into something that just became part of my life on a daily basis even if only 15 minutes. The friends, the laughs, the cheers at downing a boss, and the groans and constant pulls on new content. Wouldn't trade a minute of the memories. If I interacted with you or you have a memory, share it or just even say hi. Hope Uldum is well, and shot out to Stormcaster and all the homies in Union, the last guild I raided with, thanks for making MoP memorable.
No one cares, move on, you obviously did when you transferred to another realm
I spent the better part of my WoW "career" on Uldum as well- maining a mage named Bloodysaber through all of BC and then this paladin through the tail of BC into Wrath before transferring. I left on a bittersweet note- I quit the guild Moskau and the game and returned at a friend's behest and packed up and moved to his server.

Always been curious who's still around- But the few characters I have left on the server are full of friendlists with no one online.

As far as memories go, I rememeber doing WSG premades with the Moonwell Dancers where most of the time, the BG would turn into win-trading with the Crazy 88 horde guild where everyone just had a tuxedo dance party in the middle. Or having "poker night" with the addon Anzac Texas Holdem on a horde alt with the same guild.

Definitely had some good times. Fingers crossed for some reunions on Classic!

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