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Will there ever be a way to trade with people of the same server type?
Example VentureCo trade with Emerald Dream?
Hate that I can't help cross server friends out, but I can see them in the game while in Broken Isles, and other cross-realm areas.
Once the new traits and additional trait points to existing minor traits are added, will we still be able to unlock the 5% healing/damage/10% armor/10% health end trait at the 35th point? Or will we have to complete the additional traits first?
What's happening with legendaries in 7.2? This topic was noticeably absent at the What's Next panel, and honestly they've just been a mess up to this point. Need to hear some changes coming.
When is Nighthold?
Ele is suffering in single target raid environments, is there any plan to help out.
Aoe is fine, great even but it seems there are few to no boss's with a need for sustained aoe damage.
Our strengths are only shinning in 5 mans, and our weaknesses are glaring in raids.
Oh and 7.1.5 patch notes would be great.
What are the current plans for the Shadow Priest level 100 Talents?

I really like the gameplay of Surrender to Madness, but I feel that it cannot exist without being the strongest talent in the tier by far. The penalty of death seems to be way too large to keep, while still balancing so that Mind Spike and Legacy of the Void are useful.
Evening Lore, do you think it would be possible to allow us to buy pvp armor even as transmogs it's impossible to achieve.

I can only get one piece a week of the elite gear per week and for three weeks now I have gotten a relic, ring and neck piece. At this rate I will not be able to obtain the set. So in summary do you think it would be possible to allow us to purchase the sets.
I guess answer any of the questions we asked that you did not even address in the last "ask your Q and A" we did for blizzcon.

Especially classes that can't be played well right now like combat rogues, monk tanks, demonology, and elemental. Just a sample.
Any plans on giving warlocks any ability to customize their demons? Maybe similar to a transmog system but with demons.
Question about mythic+ keys, why are the modifiers locked in on a weekly basis?
Wouldn't it be more "fun" if all keys have different modifiers, or does it become too problematic if the player base starts to favor certain modifiers?
11/09/2016 12:52 PMPosted by Aeliena
Can we have the ravencrest armor?
and the warden armor?
Why did you think receiving a legendary that is useful in some situations, would yield the same excitement as receiving a legendary that is powerful in all situations?
Now that blizzard has realised how much we identify with our classes and how important they are to us; can we expect more class / race focussed questlines/content in the future?
Ps thank you for the class mounts. now lets get some subraces.
With the content announced for 7.1.5 & 7.2 where does Nighthold fit in? It would be nice to get an approximate timeline of these upcoming releases so we know what's on the horizon.

Doesn't have to include dates, but maybe approximate duration of a raid tier and most importantly establish relative content order.
Any plans to restrict the amount of loot able to be acquired from Mythic+? This probably only affects top end guilds but we feel more "obligated" to run M+ for loot and has turned into a worse form of Split Runs since the loot is infinite with the Titanforged System.
Seeing how Karazhan turned out, are flexible dungeons (5 to 10) something you might consider in the future for non-keystone ?
At this point a lot of classes have received insight on what they can expect in 7.1.5. Aside from traps hunters are largely left in the dark still. Any new insights that you can share?
Blizz/CMS please just go ahead and increase post cap limit to this thread.
I have a few questions I'll list on the same reply:

1. What is to be done about Elemental Shamans? Right now, they are the worst spec in terms of ST damage and overall no one would want to bring one in a raid for another reason than the bloodlust.

2. Will there be a way to pursue a specific legendary? One of my main characters(my monk) got the worst for MW and I'm kind of salty, and I'm probably not the only one.

3. What about discipline priests? I know they excell in PvP, but what about balancing them in PvE? Any plans on that?
What are your overall plans for adding utility back to rogues when most of our good utility skills are supposed to be outlaw specific?

Also do you plan to have the balance team look deeper into nerfs/buffs than just blanket nerfing classes/specs?

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