Balance of Power, Still Myth Dungeons Only?

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Just was curious to see if this is the case? Wasn't sure if any changes is coming to this for Alts coming in patch 7.2 or later?
As the quest line still involves running EN and eventually NH on either Normal, Heroic or Mythic difficulty, I do not see them changing the 5-man dungeon requirements to below Mythic level.

They did at least up the drop rate of Corrupted Essences in EN. I believe I got one from each boss last night.
It's a reward for participating in non-queued content.

It won't be made available through queued content.
You have your base artifact appearance that you start with.

Next, you have your "upgraded" appearance, that you initially unlock after completing your order hall campaign.

Then, there's always the possibility of getting one of your hidden artifact appearances.

There are also both PvP, and PvE appearances available to unlock.

This balance of power questline leads to the PvE appearance. So, I'm sorry to say, but if you're not going to PvE, you're not going to get the appearance.

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