The Emerald Dream Problem

Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
The realm forums are so dead now.
I wish they'd just let RH/TN alone. I liked when it was just us. It made encounters special, and World PVP even more special. Emoted 1 on 1 challenges. Respectful bows. Little camping. When Legion launched before they merged all the other RP-PVP realms all together in the same zones, when it was just us, it was very pleasant. Not once was I killed or camped. I miss that.

I like having World PVP as an option. But it doesn't have to be a mandatory part of every cross-faction interaction.
I didn't really care for the RH crowd, and I don't think they cared for us. I have been on TN since BC and wish they would just keep servers separate. What i hate the most is the hyphenated names, it breaks immersion, as if RP wasn't hard enough in WoW.
I don't notice this being a problem anymore, speaking as someone from the ED horde. Then again, this is a 2 year old thread still on your forum's front page. Sounds like there's nobody left to complain.

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Some threads never die. Rise up minion!
this one time...
Y’all gotta fight fire with fire

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