Up to date and still looking!
moar moar!!
I would love to get a chance to talk to you guys. I'm writing on behalf of 2 others as well. We are currenty on Stormrage but are willing to transfer to find a new home :)

Myself and two very close friends (have been raiding together a long long time) have been in the search for a new home for quite some time but none have Thurs nights free (which I work until 11pm server). We are all 870+ and have quite a bit of extensive mythic experience. We're used to wiping and learning pretty much lol

Your raids days fit PERFECTLY with my new work schedule.

We are -
Quellynn (myself) Mistweaver/whatever is needed (also have an 870 mage but would prefer monk)

Tiduzz - Holy/disc priest

Dakassia - ww monk

Would love to chat more, stuck at work overnights till 8am tonight and tomorrow. Let me know if we could fit in with you folks :) Two of us are east coast friendly Canadians if that counts for friendly points! Lol
Hi! :D
LFM pushing ToV!
Up to date! Hope everyone had a happy holiday and recharged to kill more internet dragons XD
up to date, Mythic prog pushing thru the Nighthold next XD
bump XD
Looking for high caliber players and people!
Went 10/10 Cutting Edge! Doin the same in Tomb XD
I think this is called "bumping"?

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