It's Tuesday - What useless item did you get?

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875 belt. It did have 1 of my 2 main stats and didn't have my worst stat so it replaced the 865.

It's been hit or miss for me... I don't think I've gotten 2 main spec items in a row yet but the chest has helped me put together a nice offspec set of gear.
865 belt. Big upgrade.
Got gold on my 9 alts, and one got an 880 trinket
880 Shadow Relic with +offhand obliterate damage.

Pleasantly surprised.

lower ilvl cape with worse stats lol
860 neck to not actually be an upgrade :-(
before i read this thread, does anyone else get suspiciously useless items from this box? outside of week 1, every week it gives me an item that is almost identical to something i already own, so many times, and so close, that its nothing but anomalous
A 5 ilvl natural upgrade chest for my feral set
gold ,835 item(s) riddled with crit . That's just what arms need. oh and my prot pally got a int trinket to drop /eye roll
Absolutely nothing, I think once I hit prestige 4 I will cease to play. Both this game and the forums are dying, broken beyond repair. only took me EIGHT TRIES TO POST.
i got legendary boots yesterday and a legendary cloak today, both from wq caches.

it was weird.

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