what other games are you playing

Neverwinter MMO was fun for a bit, play action is excellent, but it lacks content/end game.

Play a marauder in SWToR.

Play stealth spec in Skyrim.

Looking for a huge open world mmorpg that does it right.
I'm revisiting Dark Souls 3, and I recently found a copy of Dark Souls 2 that I'm eager to try out. Also Halo, Civilization 6, and Titanfall 2 lately.

I'm still having fun with WoW for now, but I don't spend anywhere near as much time on it as I used to. I'm using the sub tokens though, which works for me because I play WoW mostly as a business and industry simulator, using horizontal consolidation of profession alts to make mounds of gold on the auction house. Haven't paid for a sub or game time in a long time.
Heroes of the storm and overwatch. Log on to do world quests then I'm playing one of those two with friends.
Overwatch, HOTS, Skyrim Remaster, soon to be playing Pokemon Moooooon.
Townville... atleast with that I know what to expect.
Cs 1.6
Star wars Knights of the old Republic (2003)
And I have an i7 6700 + msi gtx1080 8gb, and my lineup is 13+ years old. Thanks blizzard, for the sub nerfs.
Suicide Simulator 2k16

All of us rogues are grinding it out, we need practice so we get it right.

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