Realm First today--Mythic Archimonde

Muradin and Nordrassil
A big congrats go out to Shadow Ninjas guild for finally killing Mythic Archimonde today! It only took our server a year and a few months behind the rest of the wow community. Both Horde and Alliance need to step up our game in terms of progression on these servers. No wonder our server is dying its cause no one wants to make progression on here any more.
It's more about the fact that nobodies cares about last expac realm first.
Anyone could have gotten a 20 man group, in 830 blue gear and kill everything in mythic WoD. Nothing hard there.
How it wasn't killed in WoD is also beyond me. Astrith has a point on nobody wanting to roll there as there is no progression.
Pretty sure Japanese Whoopin Sticks did it first.
Strange ..I have never seen a guild post about server 1st kills in regards to old content. Grats on your ability to down a boss you outlevel and out gear. This takes true skill.
I'm not in that guild. I just saw it and thought it was a little late for a guild to get that achievement. Just my opinion!
I find it strange there isn't a progression raiding guild on either one of these servers. My guild is currently a social guild.

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