<TF> 8/8M Uldir Top 100 Horde LF Heals/DPS

Guild Recruitment
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Rshaman/Rdruid/Priest (Healers in general) + Ranged DPS
hunters hunters hunters
Looking for Healers, Tanks, and Plate DPS!
*titanslayer meme*
still recruiting healers tanks and plate dps
Looking for plate DPS I see?
yes we are!
still looking for solid raiders
Looking for some ranged dps, and healers
still looking for ranged dps and healers
In heavy need of Ranged DPS!

Very high interest in Hunters/Mage, but accepting all exceptional dps. Apply if you are interested!
Hello -Egged
Hello egged o/

Recruiting Mages/Hunters/Locks! Maybe a DH!
Mages/Hunters/Locks (Possibly even a good ele) ~ DH/Warrior/Ret!
Bump ~ DPS!
Still recruiting DPS! High priority for:

Mages / Hunters / 1 Warlock / 1 Ele (possibly)

Warrior / DH
Bump! High priority for Mages/Hunters/Warlock + Possible DH/War

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