Am i reading these wrong?

Rupture Finishing move that tears open the target, dealing Bleed damage over time. Lasts longer per combo point.
1 point : [(25%150% of Attack power) * 1) * 8 / 2] over 8 sec
2 points: [(25%150% of Attack power) * 2) * 12 / 2] over 12 sec
3 points: [(25%150% of Attack power) * 3) * 16 / 2] over 16 sec
4 points: [(25%150% of Attack power) * 4) * 20 / 2] over 20 sec
5 points: [(25%150% of Attack power) * 5) * 24 / 2] over 24 sec
Deeper Stratagem
6 points: [(25%150% of Attack power) * 6) * 28 / 2] over 28 sec

is this like a colossal buff to rupture? i have always liked the rogue and am considering running on but i have been hearing bad things. i just looked at the patch notes on wow head and here is the big sexy rupture buff( if i am correct)
no, it's a nerf to DS, the only benefit here is that rupture now does the same damage regardless of CP used, so we can put "baby" ruptures on targets until we have cp for a proper one.
I think it's intended to end up with a 6 point Rupture doing roughly the same damage is it does now. The point being to make Rupture do the same damage per tick regardless of combo point usage. It's a bit of a buff to 5 point Ruptures in comparison, though, if I'm understanding it correctly.
oh alright i was looking at the before at 25% where now its 150% lol idk i am a noob :)
From testing it on the ptr, without DS It was doing 49k per tick, 98k per crit (no buffs, strictly rupture). With DS it was doing 54k per tick with 130k crits (again no buffs), I tested it at every CP and the numbers were the same. DS is still the way to go it seems, just got massively nerfed.
For those players who just can't seem to time their Exsang's right? Like, hitting it when Ruptures half-way through cycle? lol?

We ask/beg for some attention, some love and still get some nice slaps to the face.

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