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Hello everyone,

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to the Warlock community. We are clearly in a period of unease and many of us are unhappy with the current state of our class as a whole. I'm sure that some of you are content with certain aspects, however, it has become evident that the majority of Warlocks are dissatisfied with the current rendition of our class. Many players feel as though we have been stripped of class fantasy, utility, or even pure damage output. I am extending to you the opportunity to assist me in formally compiling a massive amount of feedback to present to Blizzard in a formal manner. It has become apparent over the past months that a substantial amount of our feedback has been either ignored completely, or acted upon in a very lack luster manner. Essentially, this initiative was created in order to gain the attention of the Devs while also taking into consideration the wholistic view of the Warlock community. Thus, I have devised a Google Form, which I would certainly appreciate your efforts to fill out. There will be both multiple choice and open ended questions regarding our class and your preferred spec. I plan to compile and sort all of the feedback I receive into a formal document to be presented to Developers, as well as a video which will essentially put the writing into verbal communication.

I wanted to wrap this up by stating that I am well aware that many of you are passionate about your class and I plan to do my very best to represent you when presenting this information.

Thank you for reading. A link to the Google Form will be included below.

(You will have to copy and paste the link into your browser)

Here is a link to a video covering the first 24 hours worth of feedback:

Here is a followup video clarifying my intentions behind this effort:
soild post
Please go fill this out, we need to reach out to blizz if we hope to see any decent changes to our royally screwed situation
Link isn't working but here's my feedback for changes V2.0

Instead of writing suggestions on my thread I believe the more warlocks that agree with each suggestion will put us a tiny step closer to seeing some of those changes applied to our class.

The more changes that are disagreed with creates confusion among the developers. We need to decide on things as a community as opposed to suggesting different fixes and changes.

Great thread and will keep trying the link until it works.

Some of the changes I haven't specified a reason because it should go without saying why we need them back.
Are you the Pyromancer that makes the video guides I watch on Youtube?

I can't tell because of the neck you're wearing.

I have filled out the form brother, thank you for doing this.
You should be able to copy-paste the link.
Second last question won't allow for multiple choices to be picked. Will complete the survey after it's fixed
11/30/2016 12:22 AMPosted by Xelnaz
Second last question won't allow for multiple choices to be picked. Will complete the survey after it's fixed

Should be fixed.
While I commend the OP's effort to put something together for our community, I'm afraid its success relies on a false premise; Blizzard will read and understand it.

Up to this point there isn't any reason to believe they're listening, nor is there a reason to hope they're understanding any of the valuable feedback that's been given thus far. The changes (or lack-thereof) indicate a complete disconnect with the community.

This thread is impressively constructive, however, I've lost faith in Blizzard's ability to synthesize (or even read) feedback about our class.
Good survey, thanks for making this.
I've filled it out....I just hope that Bli$$ard/Activi$ion takes the information to heart and see that what they're doing is not "okay" in any sense of the word.

An instant-cast SS would be good too. 2s can be the difference between a wipe and successfully clearing a boss.
Filled it out, doubt Blizzard's people or anyone of importance will take the time to read the compiled results. That isn't being pessimistic, honestly, just realistic.

For all the failures of Warlocks, the one thing I cannot understand is why we don't, as you put in your form, HAVE AN INTERRUPT BASELINE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

I have Sephuz's Secret on my lock. Them adding interrupt as another way to proc it was the biggest joke move against us I feel.
Constructive post.
I filled it out.
Really missing MoP destruction lock. To come back to lock in legion and see it completely different is really depressing.
Thanks for doing this Pyro, it's a fantastic opportunity to get the collective opinion on what feels off with our specs. It's a refreshing change of pace to see a constructive post that isn't littered with "oh my god the devs just aren't listening to what we (I) want."

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this.

One thing I would really like to see from Blizzard though would be more developer commentary on changes. Not necessarily in the forums, as it can get toxic very quickly, but maybe on the patch notes similar to Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm notes. It would give us a better insight and understanding as to why things are actually being changed.

Lets take a change on PTR for example. The change to swap Eradication and Cataclysm left me scratching my head when I tried it on the PTR, but there wasn't any word about the change from the developers.

Yeah it's PTR and things are subject to change, however the change is there, and it would be nice to know what they are thinking when they moved them around.
Going to have to fill this out when I get home. Thanks for the post
Any idea how to view the results so far? I'm curious
I've filled out the forum and hopefully we can get feedback from the devs. As a warlock that's been playing since March 2005. I've been there and done everything and I gotta say, I have not seen warlocks in this bad of a state since vanilla wow. I remember the class tuning patches that were going on and when it was finally our turn the heavens did tremble.

Our class patch was great, fixing a lot of problems we had. My favorite part was the introduction of the new death coil horror effect that was not shared with the fear effect and brought the cool down to 2 mins.

I am curious about what the outcome will be because you're not exactly a small fish in a giant pond.
Mother of god, that survey is biased beyond all reason. If you are content with the state of the class or even large chunks of it it is impossible to express that. The way the questions are worded even moderate responses will come off as being critical of the class. If you are going to try and gather data please for the love of god do it in a properly unbiased manner.
Filled out! Thanks dude! I hope they read this though.

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