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11/23/2016 08:11 AMPosted by Alisiaa

I would rather play catch up than wipe because the tank died. If I have health to spare and people are about to die, I promise you I will stand in the bad to ensure no one dies.

In a perfect world I wouldn't need to do that, but in pugs it can and will happen.

Keep in mind we're in a discussion where there are healers dying because of this, not just falling behind....

There are small, small situations where you may stand in bad and get away with it, but unless you seriously know what you're doing you shouldn't try your luck, and chances are it's not needed.

I'm aware. I'm just speaking of my personal experiences, not to the OP, of situations where I will stand in the fire of it prevents a wipe. If someone is going to die unless they get a heal that second, I have zero issues standing in the fire (knowing it won't kill me) to prevent a wipe.
11/23/2016 07:34 AMPosted by Zynxia
Lucky you. I couldn't even heal the huntsman fight. It was so hard to see anything in that cramped area. I could never see who had the ghost on them. I failed hard and left in shame.

I had this problem the first time but made it everyone's responsibility to identify if they have the debuff on themselves. I'm looking at health and dodging horses I'm not paying attention to 4 other players running around
11/23/2016 08:13 AMPosted by Swiftmends
The tank at no point in an encounter should ever be low enough health that they will die because you werent casting for 3 GCD to move. Never. Ever. (By this i mean boss encounter, trash pulls can often be far worse then boss pulls)

It is inexcusable to stand in bad as a healer because "you were finishing a cast" Your tank should be geared enough by the time they are doing kara that they can survive ATLEAST 10 seconds of a boss fight without heals.

There are various shortcuts you can take. We also speed run for nightbane (finally got the buggers mount last night)

You're speaking of a perfect run where everyone is geared properly, knows their role and how to dodge stuff.

I'm speaking to the average pug where none of that is the case. People will stand in stuff, they will miss interrupts, and they will pull subpar numbers for their role.

As a healer I've always been of the opinion that you should do literally everything in your power to keep your party alive. If I have to lose 50% of my health to get the party back up because they screwed up mechanics, I will do it.
11/23/2016 07:40 AMPosted by Swiftmends
<span class="truncated">...</span>

This is pretty obvious if you have ever healed. You may need to stand in the bad momentarily to get a cast off that will save someone from dying - as long as standing in that bad wont cause your own death. It's more forgiving for a dps to cancel a "cast" in order to move and avoid damage. Not so much for a healer.

Actually no. As a healer you need to stop your cast too because taking that damage means you now have even more to heal putting you further behind.

there is a difference between being low and being dead. having 2 people be low is generally better than 1 be dead
11/23/2016 08:07 AMPosted by Alisiaa

11/23/2016 08:04 AMPosted by Madesen

I've seen a lot of complaints about the lack of mobility for my class... maybe I've just gotten used to it. I've never played any other healer so I have nothing to compare to.

I definitely think it's something you have to get used to.

On Shaman I find mobile healing to be much smoother. You have like 4-5 cooldowns and most of your healing is either fast or AoE.

Given, there is the downside of no Echo of Light buffer. You start to miss it when damage spikes more.

I can imagine... I try to play the EoL buffer every chance I get. PoH on Ursoc is a prime example. 400k hps in a 3 heal last week.

I remember getting the "Ready for Raiding V" achieve shortly after release for dodging all the bad on Wrath of Azshara... I was kinda shocked cuz it wasn't all that difficult. I just play the cards Blizzard dealt me and try to ABC... always be casting.

Maybe I have gotten used to the mobility... or lack thereof. :)

11/23/2016 08:11 AMPosted by Laara
I'm not being ugly but the mark of a good healer is being able anticipate it and plan accordingly. Time your heals.

Yep. I don't pretend to be the world's greatest Holy Priest but I do try anticipate things and plan according using everything I have available such as cooldowns.

Been complimented a time or two as well after some successful runs. :)
11/23/2016 07:50 AMPosted by Pubik
11/23/2016 07:22 AMPosted by Aeskir
Perhaps the issue is not that you're a healer, it's that you stood in bad stuff.

If another player is standing in bad stuff then you don't also stand in bad stuff so you can heal them. They keep themselves alive or they die.

You can't afford a healer who keeps dying. If you keep doing it, expect to keep getting kicked or just make the decision to get better.

Instead of writing this long whine post you could have just joined another run in progress in 2-3 minutes.

First, I'm not really upset about anyone's performance in particular. What I AM upset about is spending 90 minutes on a run, it's going smoothly with my performance a large part of that, THEN getting kicked without wiping or any warning.

You wouldn't be upset having a good run and spending most of your night there just to get abruptly kicked out of nowhere? I bet you would.

And someone else mentioned requeuing up. But this is Kara. I've already cleared 5 bosses now. So I either have to queue with someone else and spend another 90 minutes clearing bosses who will provide me with absolutely no loot. Or I have to queue up my instance, and let everyone know the first 5 bosses are down and we are only doing the last 3.

What? No you don't. Just look in the premade finder for a group that's already on Curator or Medivh. People leave groups all the time in Kara. It's a long dungeon and not everyone wants to spend 2+ hours. There are always groups in progress to join. And there are usually lots of people willing to join a group in progress too because there are about a dozen quests in the place that require killing different bosses.
My heal priority is
Tank=Healer depending on what % the boss is at if it's almost dead I'll sacrifice myself to get the tank back up. If I'm taking to much damage I'll ignore the tank heal myself since I'm a druid I can battle rez the tank back up
Come on over to Stormrage. Join my guild and you'll never run into one of those runs again.
If you enjoy healing you don't have to drop it because some people are idiots.

Just heal for friends only. I have made friends with several people through the years that only tank or heal for friends and guildies. Nothing wrong with that.
Everyone should install the one addon that plays those god awful loud alarm sounds the second you start standing in bad stuff. I guarantee you after a day or two you will no longer have a problem with getting caught in "the bad".

I'm on your side btw, OP. Just saying do that so no one can use that excuse on you again even though I think it was bull!@#$.
My heal priority is
Tank=Healer depending on what % the boss is at if it's almost dead I'll sacrifice myself to get the tank back up. If I'm taking to much damage I'll ignore the tank heal myself since I'm a druid I can battle rez the tank back up
11/23/2016 05:34 AMPosted by Drbencarson
You're still whining about the kick?

Next time stop standing in bad stuff k

Man, you're a stupid f_k.

Learn to read!
OP: Don't let this get you down. Yeah, take a break and dps some stuff till you cool down, but if you really enjoy healing I bet you'll be back. :P

You do need a thick skin if you're going to be pugging. You're going to get bad PUGs, there's no doubt. It's merely the number of bad pugs that you can get lucky with. I myself often get frustrated after running a +2 or +3 where people were just so terrible. Sometimes healing those are honestly harder than healing a +10 with an excellent group.

All I can really suggest is trying to make friends with the good pugs and see if you can run with them again. I've got a whole little community of dungeon runners in my friends list, and since most of them pug healers I have a lot of chances to run with some good players, and that makes all the difference for me.
11/23/2016 06:06 AMPosted by Pubik
Ruthless! How do you tell when to let them die?

For instance, over the course of playing with the guy for an hour I could tell he was taking way way more damage than any other DPS in the group. But you get that feel for a guy after playing with him for a bit.

But in most specific instances I don't know for sure if he really messed up. I know overall he's doing a bad job, but what if he just lost half his life this time because of something unavoidable?

Know what I mean? How do you pick the times when you say F it, im done with his @ss.

I'm not a diva healer and I just say in chat "stop standing in stuff" after a pull. Refusing to heal them is stupid because then you're more likely to wipe, and I don't like wasting my own time.

It's much easier just to call them out on something than to cause a wipe from being a diva.
It sounds like you weren't just standing is stuff, it sounds like you were dying.
It pains me to say it but the community is a shadow of what it once was. If you can find a group of people you know or like it can still work but increasingly few are inclined to see anyone else as a fellow player anymore, only a means to their personal end(s), whatever that may be.
The problem here is not healing, it's pugging. The pug scene has become so vile that you just have to avoid it and only play with friends if you don't want your perception of the game to be ruined.
A lot of people are chiming in on the standing in bad stuff. I knew when I wrote the post that might attract attention, and I came this close deleting that sentence. I should have. But let me clarify...

It's not that you intentionally stand in the bad stuff. First, if you are a healer you know how chaotic it is. There is no excuse for a dps ever to get caught by an aoe attack because they have exactly one thing to focus on. Tanking is a bit trickier, but no where close to as intensive as healing. When you are healing you are staring at the life bars and coordinating your rotation.

The simple fact is that because a healer has so much going on you get caught every once in a while. Not often, but occasionally you are too focused on the bars and you take a hit. If you say it never happens to you, congratulations you lying über elitist troll. The rest of healers occasionally get sniped because we have so much going on.

And when I say you make a choice to stand in the bad stuff, I mean those situation where your tank is under 40% life or so, you are in the middle of direct heal cast on him, and suddenly the ground below you turns green. Most of the time, I cancel the cast and move. But not always - depends on how bad a shape the tank is in, what my health is at, the boss mechanics, etc. The point is occasionally you get caught mid cast and you have to make a judgement call: do I dodge immediately or wait that half second and get my heal off and hope to dodge it after the delay. Sometimes you get caught. And again, if you say you never get caught on situations like that you're either lying or a troll.

That is what I mean by standing in bad stuff. Not just standing there not moving just because, hey, whatever! Not moving because you either were too occupied with a poor group taking too much damage or because you were mid cast and thought it was worth it to finish the cast. If some of you want to say "never stand in stuff! That's bad play!" then whatever. You're perfect at healing and never have to make judgement calls on the fly because your game is so tight I guess.
11/23/2016 05:16 AMPosted by Pubik
Last night I'm running Kara with a pug. All is going well. We cleared Huntsman, Moroes, Maiden, Opera, Curator in a bit more than an hour. We wiped once on opera, and once on curator, but finished both in our second try. It's a bit of a challenge for me healing at this point because there is one of these melee DPS types that thinks because he is melee he doesn't need to dodge anything. He just stands there and eats most boss abilities. So I'm spam healing him quite a bit, but things are moving.

Right before we get to Shade, without warning, without a wipe, I get kicked. I'm furious at this point obviously, I'm a casual and I just spent my gaming night doing this run. Now you've more or less locked me out the instance for the week without getting a full run, WHY?!

I message the tank who I know is responsible. He says "you kept standing in stuff, these last few bosses will take forever with you healing." Well F U. Why was I standing in stuff?? Because every five seconds I had to stop and spam a heal on someone who was standing in something bad.

People just don't get it. I'm not dps. I don't have one thing to worry about. I'm trying to keep five health bars from reaching zero. If I stand in something its because I'm casting a very important heal. Or it's most likely because someone else is taking way too damage and I'm scrambling trying to figure out how to keep them alive so we have enough dps to finish the fight.

But it's ALWAYS THE HEALERS FAULT. This time we were even having a good run! Booted. Booted for doing my job and because we had a melee dps who stood in every other boss AoE. So sick of healing. ALWAYS our fault when we wipe.

I'm going to switch to DPS for a bit. That way I can rock under 150K DPS, stand in every single bad AoE attack, die repeatedly and get absolutely no blame for dragging down the group. I'll just tell the healer he sucks.

I hear you.

This is the reason I quit playing healer during my last bout on WoW - because it was just too annoying trying to keep people alive while trying to run around dodging things yourself. You are frequently forced to either stand still to cast and get hit to save another player - or continue to run around dodging things and let the player die. There really isn't a good answer.

So far - I've been able to contend with it. But if it starts to get too annoying again I intend to do the same thing and just play DPS. I already have a gear set saved up and ready to go.
this is why I only do questing in pve

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