Will of Valeera

Just looted my first legendary since launch after spending months of doing BGS, dungeons, raids, hunting rares, & finding 99% of the treasure chests. To my dismay it was the moment I dreaded. Of course I would get the one that have some sort of dps increasing effect and I sure as hell need it. Sure it's good for wpvp and survival in raids but wpvp is dead on my server and it's a dps loss to feint when not needed. (Side note: the effect doesnt seem inspired by valeera shes not a healer.) What're some other thoughts?
It's a really strong legendary, although you normally want a flat damage increase those pants are going to save your !@# so many times until you get more to replace them you'll have a few fights that you're going to swap over to them.

Real stronk
That's just the nature of these RNG legendary items. You just got to take what you got and make the most of it. Abuse it where you can.

I've actually really wanted those pants for solo'ing old content and very powerful mobs. :o

E: Oh, and as for the lore with Valeera. I have no idea. haha. Gameplay usually comes first (They wanted to attach a heal to Feint) and just threw it on the pants and gave them a name related to a famous Rogue.
Love my pants. Although I fancy the cloak too. 1 shotting packs of trash with Fok feels great.
I'd love the ring or cloak it would do wonders and I'm sure it's extremely satisfying. I guess it'd be nice for soloing things. I guess the agility is nice lol.
I also got the pants as my first legendary, and I was also kind of dismayed because it wasn't one of the dps increasers. They're still a great crit item, and quite frankly, the passive is addicting.

They are fantastic for progression raiding and aoe pulling in world pve. I've tanked some elite fights for WQs with ease. I'd be using them now, but I have better non-legendary pants than I have non-legendary rings.
It's my only Leg too so far, and while I agree that I wish I had a DPS Leg to work with, I can say that I find these pants incredibly useful, and even if I find the BiS DPS Leg soon, I'll still keep these pants around and probably use them instead for a ton of random scenarios.

For example, soloing tough content, PvP, doing old raids where I 1 shot anyway and just want to sustain, throwing it on for tough current tier M+ dungeons where survival just might make a bigger difference than DPS, etc.

In the perfect world, you have both your top DPS Leg, and these pants, so you can swap as necessary, there are plenty worse Leg's to get than this.
These pants are awesome.

Healer dies in a M+ dungeon on a boss? No problem. You can survive indefinitely (or until everyone else is dead).

Combined with crimson vial (for the duration of crimson vial), you can heal for 9% of your HP every second.
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What're some other thoughts?


this trashendary system sucks
It was the perfect time to introduce Valeera/VanCleef's pants as transmog for rogues, but sadly that isn't ever going to happen.

If the cheat death nerf goes through, then everyone is going to be forced to use elusiveness the majority of the time, and combined with this legendary, your survivability goes through the roof.

Dead people cannot DPS.

Shame about the itemization though.
Dude these pants are amazing. Don't cry you'll love them!
The pants are not bad at all. Pants naturally have more stats on them than bracers or other stuff, so you get more mileage out of the higher ILVL.
One sad thing is the new Shoulder Legendary with 100% crit for 6 seconds after stealth is going to heavily devalue crit if you ever manage to get it, so if you wear these pants as a second legendary for the defensive properties, you're going to be saddled with Crit/Haste which will be at an all time low in terms of usefulness. Crit/haste are already awful for Sub, including the new shoulder into that equation it's going to be ridiculously weak stats IMO.
id imagine that relieving pressure off your healers in boss encounters is greater than a slight dps increase. especially if youre sub spec, you can nearly take care of yourself. or being one of last dps alive can be huge in like a phase 3 helya kill to get that final % down with all the nonsense aoe on the ground
"Will of Valeera" is our go to item for raid progression, higher mythic+ afix, world quests and duels (cuse LOL why not?), I love them!
I don't even use feint to feint anymore. I use feint as a self Heal. it's magical.
I wanted a dps one at first but now I use these like a crutch. I almost want to tell my healers don't heal me lol.
I know of at least 6 rogues who have gotten the Will of Valeera as their first legendary. The haste is trash, the passive is okay, but I would much rather get damage increasing legendaries. Idk why, but this legendary pops up ALL the time for rogues.
ooo I got a dps legendary... that is useless for 90% of any boss fight.
wheeeeeeeee at least its a good boost for the first 30 seconds.
My two legendarys are the pants and prydaz, yeah it's cool in world pvp and in some raid situations, but overall it's a giant pitty to get these over other legendarys.

the whole legendary system is just stupid, someone with either the ring, bracers, belt, or boots can do the exact same rotation, and even make some mistakes, and beat someone without good legendarys almost always.

I love legion, it's my favorite xpac since bc / wrath but my God, what were the devs thinking with this legendary system. They should have just made 4 at most 5 legendarys for each class, 1 for each spec 2 shared. I don't know anyone besides someone with bis legendarys maybe, that supports this system.

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