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Wyrmrest Accord
Hello WRA Citizens,

I've come to the Forums in search of players interested in helping a new Guild onto it's feet for the Alliance. I'm going to give you both the good, the bad, and the ugly... here it goes...

Good news,
I've gotten the hierarchy developed and the structure in place. It's a grand idea if I can gain a community to help implement it. The Guild is called <Imperial Coalition> and it has three Districts under its banner; Capital, Church, Law.
Capital governs Church and Law, ensuring the hats all stay under one roof.
Church deal with Paranormal, Medical, and Faith. (IC only).
Law deal with Contracts, Escorts, and Guard Watch.
This is planned to be a 18years or old Roster - No mandatory events or contributions are required, appear when you can, and above all else - Have fun!

Bad news,
I've only recently joined the game. I created my first character Darwon back in July, 2016. Yes... I'm a noob. I've read the Lore Forums and the RP Forums and have done everything I could to study up on what I could do to help this Guild grow. I've got some great ideas I just need players with a bit of patience to aid me in this quest.

Ugly news,
We are a new Guild. Roster is low on numbers! One method I'm still trying to learn is how to recruit folks without being a broken record in Trade Chat. I do my best to initiate RP with Guildless individuals however I am hoping this thread will speed up the process by a touch.

In the end,
I do hope I get some positive feedback here, however I hear some folks roam the Forums looking for things to ridicule - I'm prepared for it, however making a kind request that you go elsewhere to troll, thank you!
You can reach me on Battlenet if you'd like: Snyder#11102. Or contact Mackinze in-Game. have a wonderful days WRA Citizens.

"Cave-Toads speak little, but when they do - listen!"
Is this Alliance or Horde?
Would be for Alliance ^ Good note.

The Governor of this Coalition, A Bronzebeard Dwarf named Mackinze Kemath has been broadcasting and publicly recruiting into his organization to help the dangers in the Broken Isles ‘including’ our homelands. What the Alliance may not know about our Coalition is we will bend the laws to suit a righteous victory. (For example: A Guard or Order releasing a member working for the Legion because they have no direct link connecting the perp, yet seen him at the scene of a Legion assault. We’d find the member and ensure we find a link!)

Our code of conduct consists of two things Honor and Loyalty. Honor is what binds us instead of law and regulation, and we are loyal to our word and to each other. Our laws are open to interpretation, and those acting on the Coalition’s behalf will do what is right and worry about legalities later.

In-Game, we are using Hearthglen as a proxy for our township, Auguston.

The Coalition is built on three Districts: Capital, Church, Law.
Law deals with: Contracts, Escorts, and Guard Posts.
Church deals with: Paranormal, Magical, Medical, and Faith.
Capital governs Law and the Church.

We have outstanding District Officers and GM Staff:
Captain “Samaina” Donson, (Law District Officer)
Chaplain “Thalissande” Frostsong, (Church District Officer)
Governor “Mackinze” Kemath, (Guild Master)

We are eager to get to roleplaying with potential members and the public alike. Please speak with one of the officers listed above if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting, or comment below. Our storyline won’t be entirely focused on Legion, but will instead be involving the entire World of Warcraft, from Outland to Draenor to all of Azeroth.

With everything said, the Coalition’s primary goal is to “help those who cannot help themselves”.

Do you have a guild website? They may not always get used by your members, but having one helps you keep track of things. Rosters, events, a place for officers to talk, as well as a place to make announcements. For that matter, maybe open up other channels of communication for your guild: Discord, Skype, or whatever else people have. That way, if someone is running late to an event or needs to know something, they can ask on the fly.

Here's The Shield's guild site, if you want an example of that: http://shieldsofunity.enjin.com/


The best experiences I've had in guilds, both as a member and as a leader, is when the guild itself wasn't neccesarily the biggest thing in the world, but all the members became a tight knit group that got to know eachother. You don't need 40 people to get what you want. Not even 30. Hell, even 20 isn't neccesary. 15 may be pushing it too. If you have 10 people who are all on the same page, grow close over time, and play off one another really well, that alone can be more satisfying than being in a guild of a hundred names you don't know.

My point isn't to recruit less, of course. But to focus on developing everyone you already have, and building those bonds. 10 members that feel rooted to the organization are far more valuable than 30 you grabbed off the street that will either leave in a week, or never log on again.


Back in the Red Masons, we had three ways of doing this. The first, when we were just starting off, was to go around Stormwind and send a whisper that didn't come off as robotic to players that were guildless. "Hey, we noticed you don't have a guild, looked your character over, and were wondering if you'd be interested in getting involved in something?" Stuff like that.

Second, we would announce to people when we were RPing in Moonbrook. Went into Stormwind, told it to general, as well as some other channels that were devoted to finding RP. This attracted a good few outsiders, and many of them we ended up establishing strong relationships with. It got to a point where after a couple weeks, we didn't have to advertise at all anymore, because we had plenty of people who knew who we were, where we were, and constantly coming to us to interact.

Third is a recruitment macro, of course. You don't want to spam it every five minutes, and you want to keep it down to one paragraph. 3-4 sentences that say what you are, kind of what you do, and who you're looking for. Put that in general and trade every 20-30 minutes a couple times a day, and you'll get enough people within a week to form a strong foundation.


This goes back to what I was saying about the Masons in Moonbrook. You don't want to just find people to put in your guild (unless that's exactly what you want,) but you also want people for your guild to interact with. This could be allies for your storylines, antagonists, or just folks that want to run events and would like your presence. Or maybe you're hosting some casual stuff in wherever you're based at, and want to invite them along. Once you make a few friends, they talk about you, others come to see what you're about, and it all grows naturally.

Also, you could run public events, but... you're pretty limited with how far you can take those mechanic wise, due to the difficulty of one guy running events for a large turnout. Just 8 people alone is enough to get a DM some trouble. You could get around that by splitting those people into groups and having multiple DMs, but that does take a lot of organization and coordination. It's been done, but boy is it not something you want to do on a weekly basis. Generally, you'll probably just be hosting a dinner, or a speech-rally.

I hope that all helps you a bit. If you want any help with making a macro or other recruitment things, let me know. I like to do work for various guilds on the server to help get them started and get things organized. It's hard, running that rodeo for the first time, so anything to make it easier for the new people. Folks like you, staring up these new ideas and communities, are going to be the future of this server as more and more old-timers have to move on with their lives.
P.S: You can have a guild thread on this forum as well. I'm divided on it, given the kind of people that generally frequent the forum aren't looking for a guild, but it's good to have up for the sake of organization as well as maybe being there for people who are glancing at the forum specifically for that reason. A central place where you say what you're about, where you're at, who you're looking for.

It took me a lot of trial and error, trying out different systems and methods for conveying information about the guild, individual events, public events, and storylines. There was a time where I had three threads on the front page at one point about The Red Masons. I came to the conclusion that the best thing to do for that is to post everything you can in your guild thread, but make individual ones for public events. That way, all the information about just the guild is in one place, and the stuff relevant to everyone else comes up as needed.

You'll figure out your own system of course. There's just a lot of simple things I wish I had someone to show me that you can do to make life easier.
11/17/2016 01:16 PMPosted by Vesthara
Folks like you, staring up these new ideas and communities, are going to be the future of this server as more and more old-timers have to move on with their lives.

Thanks for your kind words and helpful advice. I've put some of your recommendations into play already such as a Guild Website: Animperialcoalition.enjin.com as well as a macro for the Guild.

I'm aiming for quality members over quantity myself. If I had 15 to play with - I'd be thrilled. The Township the Coalition makes up can be NPC-operated for the most part with 15 valued members in the town.

Wish you all the best with the <Shields of Unity>, Vesthara.
Hittin' th' refresh button o' this here thread.
How have things been since you made it?
Managed to get 4 members total (including myself) I don't just want to pull anyone off the street in Stormwind as you mentioned however it would be nice to get a couple more folks willing to give the Imperial Coalition a valiant effort. I would be thrilled to get more loyal folks amongst the roster. Thanks for checking in Vesthara.
Still lookin' for members to help manage this idea. Please get in touch if interested.
I really like the idea you got goin' here. If you need any help, or perhaps an IC ally to get events goin', feel free to contact me or my alt, Ragbjorn.
I appreciate that Zenfox, a huge help would be to support my first Advert " [A]-RP <Imperial Coalition> that was posted yesterday. It has started off with some negative feedback out of the gate - a friendly boost to attract eyes would be very helpful!
Definitely, if you want some more members, throw a whisper to me - Kiryne, Wyrmrest Accord. Wouldn't be joining on that toon, but definitely sounds like a wonderful RP guild.
I appreciate that. I'm going to sound a little snooty here, but I'm a little fickle with the members that recruit in. We currently hold a roster of 7 people, this said I want nothing more than for it to grow. I love a good roleplayer however the player himself/herself has to be polite and active.

From first glance you seem fantastic, look forward to hearing from you!

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