<H> Horde Defense League LF a few for M+

<Horde Defense League> on Zul'jin is looking for just a few players. We want to be able to run Mythic+ dungeons, and it's been rough with new parents, new jobs, and new relationships, being able to ensure we have 5 people on any given night has been tough.

We really need DPS primarily, with healers second most needed. Again, we are a very small guild and while we'd welcome having the right people to raid, just Mythic+ right now is our goal.

A lot of us were hard core raiders, but we've all had to become more casual about the game. We are seeking players that understand that, and for whom camaraderie and fraternity are important. We like to have fun, and our Discord and guild chat is lively.

HDL has been a long time Zul'jin guild - next month will mark 12 years!

Please feel free to drop me a line here, or visit us at [Horde Defense League](http://hordedefenseleague.org) where the dot-org stands for Orgrimmar. You can also hit me up at Mindflayer#1875 on Battlenet.

Thanks for your time!

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