Vanilla Nathrezim Peeps Around?

Anub’arak, Chromaggus, Crushridge, Garithos, Nathrezim, and Smolderthorn
This was a nice read. I stopped playing for awhile, I'm on Eredar now because I found a lot of local irl friends on that server.

I still log on to Nath every not and then.

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all hail pirates of willy goat
'Hey all, former Vanilla Nathrezimer that's coming back for BOA. I played an Orc Hunter named Antii. Raided in Fury and Robot Zombie Pirate Ninjas.
Man, I wish I was good with names... First character ever is Jezzi, and he's still chillin' on Nath.
Sup guys
If any AotR people are still around feel free to shoot me a message. This toon used to be a gnome warlock.
i miss nathrezim
I started and still am on Nath. Unfortunately, I never learned in vanilla that guilds were needed and solo/pugged everything. I did post a bunch in the old forums, so that was a thing.
I remember jaast capko and jezzi!

And I am pretty sure everyone remembers robot zombie pirate ninjas

I am really considering joining up again I just hate the feeling that I am starting over and when I login, I just do the normal hop around the main city on a mail box with - talent points setup because everything is all reset and then logging out after my feeling of nostalgia turns into boredom.. It is a vicious cycle

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