DH and previous tier tokens

Is there any way that DHs can be slotted into the same group as rogues, druids, etc...for previous tiers of token gear? We are extremely extremely limited in our transmog choices for decent looking gear. I run old raids and whatnot for transmogs, but can only use the appearance of non tier gear which is very limiting.
Negatory... the tier set bonuses may be gone now, but the tier sets are limited only to that class.. And unfortunately, and this problem extends to Monks for pre Mist content and DKs for pre Wrath content.. the classes were not in the game prior to those expansions and the tier sets were designed to be current raiding gear for the specific classes that were available during the time... In short, the older tier sets werent' designed for the newer classes.. there are lookalikes of older tier gear sets that arent class specific, so if you look up on WoWhead you'll find a list
also, even if DH's were added to the same tier token as rogues, druids, etc. what would you do with that tier token once you get it?
there is no tier gear designed for DH's pre-Legion.
So you would end up with a tier token but nothing to spend it on.
If you are asking to "share" class specific designed tier gear with another class, that would directly contradict the 'class specific designed" part, which would never happen.

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