[H-RP] Fight Night!

Wyrmrest Accord
Hey, hey, folks! V from Alchemical Wonderporium here. We're hosting a bi-weekly sparring and fight night just outside the rear gates from Orgrimmar in Azshara! Join us at 5pm server time on December 6th and 20th this month!

Our little sparring fights use a /roll 50 system. Both sparring partners roll 50 to see who goes first. First person emotes, then the partners do competing roll 50s , then the defender emotes defending or getting hit, and then they emote attacking in turn, competing roll 50s, until one player gets 3 points and victor!

Settle grudges! Start new ones! Be indiscriminately violent! Be more ridiculous than Krixxek! It's goblins going into a ring and fighting, what more could you want. Every first and third Tuesday!

Whisper Blastowitz to join the fighting raid or just come watch! Just west of the rear gate in Azshara.

~ V Venzix, Venture Capitalist
I am super sorry I've yet to catch one of these; just had my brand new hard drive installed the other night and was out of my computer during the last Fight Night. Hope to catch the one on the 20th. I'm very interested in the /roll 50 system as we're planning on getting our arena roll fight nights going in January (looking for some inspiration).

Glad you all have it open to the community too.
We do look forward to seeing you when you can make it :)

I have updated your event on the WRA Community Calendar!

If you would like to view it here is the link: http://eventsaroundazeroth.shivtr.com/events/769119

Let me know if you would like anything changed, and feel free to put any future events up.

Good luck with the event, hope to make it out soon!

Love and moos,

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