what made wrath so good

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  • WotLK was the conclusion to lore that had been going on since WC3.
  • Dungeons and 5 man heroics could be carried by geared tanks and could be done quickly.
  • Daily/weekly dungeon/raid/BG quests.
  • Separate lockouts for 10 and 25 mans.
  • Optional leveling paths with varied themes between each zone.
  • Dragons.
  • Badge gear.
  • Decent crafted gear.
Probably more but that was off the top of my head.
Everyone explained it pretty good, but for me, it was the story, the music, the atmosphere. omg Wrath was just unforgettable. Even the intro cinematic still gives me goosebumps. :D
The villain honestly. If you look at any of the xpacs, how good they are is based on the villain. Is it clear who it is? Is he/she/it well known?

BC: Illidan. Was on the boxart, really cool looking. Everyone knew him
Wrath: Lich King. Fan favorite. Everyone knew him. On the boxart.
Cataclysm: Deathwing. Not well known, on the boxart. Kinda meh, looked cool though.
Mists: Garrosh. Fairly well known. A little bland. Not on the boxart.
Warlords: Seriously, who was the big bad guy in this one. Fighting multiple bad people. Time travel/separate realities/horrible lore.

Ya see?
Same thing that made BC good and vanilla "the best". It was long enough ago that people forgot about the bad parts.

Wrath was the first time I tried my hand at hardcore progression raiding. Back before having kids. So it was memorable for me in that sense. We also got our first new class, we had Ulduar which was amazing, and the leveling experience felt revolutionary.

But without the rose tinted glasses it was more of the same we have now. There was a lot of whining.

People hated that Naxx came back as the first raid; People hated how long it took to get new content; People cried the loudest when they had to do the jousting mechanic after we finally got a new quest hub.

The expansion that followed was also pretty terrible, so it only helped paint a fond memory of Wrath.

As near as I can tell it was the raiders who liked it so much. As for me I found the zones boring to the point I got stalled while trying to level. I still get stalled in the zones.

A couple of expansions later I got into a some raids run by people who did them for achievements and just to show others what the raids were all about. None of them were particularly interesting to me, not even the Lich King. That's just a matter of taste, though.
12/05/2016 04:13 PMPosted by Yuda
People hated that Naxx came back as the first raid; People hated how long it took to get new content; People cried the loudest when they had to do the jousting mechanic after we finally got a new quest hub.
I honestly hated naxx because they took what was a spectacular raid zone from vanilla and watered it down into a snooze fest. My guild had it cleared by the end of the first week of the expansion which took us months to do in vanilla.
hehe I remember this was the expansion that made engineer so much fun even on pvp! Grenade belts, rockets boots, and parachute. you make those Ice grenades that roots everyone in place or stuns, rocket boots for quick get away or close up and parachute over the arathi etc. This was only for random tho not for rated Bgs or arena. and pvp felt fun, granted some class were OP as well "my class was one of them" but at the end we start see some balance sorta...Now I can't use Grenades in pvp, rocket boots are on the belt, and can't be used random bgs only thing i can use pvp battleground is goblin glider.
12/05/2016 01:36 PMPosted by Ershan
What happened is that enough people stated that WotLK was so awesome it became "fact."

Obviously any discussion of what people like is going to be highly subjective, this is doubly true of an MMORPG where 2 different people are going to have 2 completely different experiences in the exact same content due to having different stats and a different group of players.

Was LK too easy? Many say yes, I'd say not only no, but HELL NO! Granted, by the end of LK, when a rogue in a random dungeon finder group kept jumping in and starting the pull I decided to let him tank the whole thing, and he did. However, does a rogue tanking a heroic mean the game is too easy? Not in my opinion, there sure weren't any rogues tanking heroics when the new ICC dungeons dropped.

A lot of people say LK was too easy, but very, very few of those people killed the Lich King on hard mode before buffs. That means LK did provide a challenge. If you are calling LK too easy, think back, did you beat the hardest content the game had to offer at the time? You didn't. Therefore when you say LK was too easy, you are basing it on zerging heroic dungeons with a party decked out in raid gear.

For me, LK was the greatest expansion, but that's because I quit at the beginning of Cataclysm. Ghostcrawler's high and mighty declaration that only members of raiding guilds should be able to complete heroics in under and hour rubbed me the wrong way, I left and never looked back. He didn't like the way groups were facerolling heroics, but he created the problem in the first place by giving raid geared players a reason to even be there with daily rewards. Any content that you've progressed past is going to be too easy, but you don't go back because there isn't any reward for doing so.

I just came back a few days ago. I don't even have a capped character yet, much less have I ran any Mythics. However, I imagine if LK had the variable challenge setting of Mythic dungeons then so many people wouldn't have complained about entire expansion being too easy. Keeping in mind of course, very few, like almost no one who complained about it being too easy actually beat the most difficult content of the expansion.
I hated Wrath, it was a disaster for healing. Faceroll spam garbage.
Wrath was when Warcraft ended and the incredibly inconsistent fanfiction began.
I had a love/hate relationship with Wrath. Some was really good but it killed a few things. I did no like how much gear you could get with the variety of badges, I feel it was the start of crafting being no fun. Well and with the badges you could buy your full set of tier gear which was very foolish of them.

It had fun raids like OS and Ulduar, added 3 new 5 mans for the last tier, ICC was ok but not my favorite. Most of the dungeons were a lot of fun and the gear still felt unique and not generic. So it was a mixed bag for me.
The cinematic. As King Menethil is narrarating Arthas future, and he's performing prodigious feats of strength (RESSURECTING A FROST WYRM!?!?!) my spine tingled. I got goosebumps.

I realized we were going to take down the epitome of villain.

The story enthralled me. Seeing Malygos, visiting Tauren ancestors, watching the Forsaken plague wreck the landscape, dragon aspects, THE BATTLE FOR UNDERCITY, seeing Bro-krul...the list goes on.

I was thrust into an era filled with heroes and legends. Not just seeing them, but fighting alongside them.

Wrath was awesome :)
The thing I didn't like about Wrath was that you could roll out a LVL 50 Death Knight with good gear and by the time you completed the DK quests, you had very descent gear. So if you were working on your cloth wearing caster main, you experienced the world being flooded by Plate wearing dual wielding tanks that were able to cast spells too and scoop you in from a very far distance to melee range. It changed the establishment so to speak and many were not ready for it nor agreed with it.

And it also changed how battlegrounds was played because of it.

Other than that it was a great xpac.
Warcraft 3 fanservice, and lots of it.

I started in Wrath and have very fond memories of it, don't get me wrong. It's just that fanservice counted for a lot. Arthas was a climax boss for the franchise, not just the expansion.

MoP was better, in my view.
Because wraith babies like to say they're the best. Now Wraith was an awesome expansion but it wasn't the best point in wow history. It came along with plenty of whiners and people screaming to nerf content because they couldn't make friends or the game was to hard.

True story.
12/05/2016 05:26 PMPosted by Kulzuk
Because wraith babies like to say they're the best. Now Wraith was an awesome expansion but it wasn't the best point in wow history.

wraith is a completely different thing.
I liked vanilla better but wrath was a really well done expansion. It was the first time WoW had a proper narrative and the first time people who were not progression raiders had an interesting endgame.
It simply was the best time to pug, you could pay at any hour and still have a progression and meet lots of people. Even the easiest content (10 man) was challenging and fun with lots of drive to complete it. The pug community was thriving and one could have a personal progression without depending on a guild or waiting for speed runs when content becomes obsolete on the finder.

The story was awesome, was the epic ending to basically WC3, the best RTS. The player was important but it wasn't the ultra special playable jesus we are now, we didn't walk everywhere being sugar coated and telling us we're special and awesome. It all just felt right.

The leveling quest were for the most mechanically boring, that's for sure, but they had great lore overall. Also fighting the Lich King was awesome.

12/05/2016 01:57 PMPosted by Melaroi
In Mists it was constantly TBC was the best, nothing could top TBC, best stories best writing best version of the game ever.

Nah, people were saying wrath was the best since Cata.

12/05/2016 04:13 PMPosted by Yuda
But without the rose tinted glasses it was more of the same we have now. There was a lot of whining.

There will always be whining, we all know that, it doesn't really say something about an expac TBH.
The zones were very well done, great storyline and atmosphere imo.

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