What is the story of your Legendary?

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I had a group carry me through a +7 since I just get laughed at or told to fist myself when I apply to anything remotely worth doing in dungeon finder and it popped out of the chest.

Such earned. Much wow.

To be fair I poisoned that first dude (CoS).
What legendary...? I've done piles and hours of content, hundreds of mythic+, every single cache since they started and absolutely nothing.
killed a sea giant :/
I forged Mine in lower Blackrock at the Black Forge after years of Gathering he materials needed Using the very Eye of Ragnaros to forge his great Mace to wield against the forces arrayed against Azeroth.

Some time later long after my soujourn into Outland and reviving the Sunwell and Saving Azeroth against Yog Sarrons escape and defeating the Lich King Arthas Menethil then returning from Northrend to bring an end to Neltharion the Earth Warder I met his son The Black Prince.

I travelled the Ancient Lands of Pandaria Slew the Mogu Destroyed the Sha freeing the Klaxxi form their possessed Queen even defeated a Mogu so powerful he had managed to enslave Ra-Den. Facing down the Celetials in combat to Gain a cloak of unestimable power before being forced to face down My Old Allies and Greatest friends that I had shared many an adventure with to bring down the corrupted and insane Garrosh Hellscream.

I faced down the Iron Horde with Khadgar he kept trying to push off a crappy ring on me but I bravely told him to stick it in his ear and went on without it in order to preserve countless lives from sea travelling mishaps.

And now I face The Legion.... theres appearently a bunch of Legendary articles that didn't quite make it into the Annals of history all made by Bimbles the Dwarf that he keeps trying to push off people in chests and boxes I have heard tales that the great monsters of the isles sometimes wear them for underoos But I shant be fooled if I come across these knock off legendary items by Bimbles I shall bravely set them on fire and tell him to try again.
Some Warden lady handed me a pair of gloves one day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I got mine from an emmissary cache where I was so happy for .2 seconds until i realized that it was for my guardian loot spec.
I don't have one

The end.
11/21/2016 01:42 PMPosted by Kylasi
I'll tell you my story.

I killed a farm boss in EN and people in my guild started lamenting how bad the legendary is.
Killed Cenarius on farm night.

"You have received Sephuz's Secret!"

The Great Video Game Depression sank in.
It broke up my class hall set, and I actually resent it for dropping because of that.

I actually worked for that set, and then suddenly I get some bracers that I would be insane not to use and my set get's ruined.
I uhh walked into LFR and we killed a dragon that did 0 damage and had 0 mechanics then they dropped and it was really truly fantastic I felt alive like never before, truly truly it is a great system.

Saw a forum post about a bunch of people getting legendaries that day we had 3 emissary caches

Did the Valarjar one and joked to myself "lol what if"

Aaaand there it was
11/21/2016 02:27 PMPosted by Mashingspoon
I want to know why these people have the legendaries in the first place and decide one day they'll give it to us in a goodie bag with some resources.

We have top men working on it right now. Top. Men.
I die while trying to kill the spider in EN alt tab and afk then come back to see a legendary in my bag......BOTH times one in normal one in LFR. 2 legendaries still no clue.
I wasn't looking at the screen when I got it...I turned away after clicking the emissary cache to get a drink of orange peach mango juice.

I only noticed when I got back and saw the achievement in chat.

...the juice was pretty good though.
Well, I went into that awful cave to kill Withered J'im. Due to the frame rates in said cave, I wasn't even sure if J'im was dead. Then I saw the legendary and I knew he died.

The end.
11/21/2016 01:42 PMPosted by Kylasi
Ion says each person will have an amazing and unique story as to how they acquired such a rare piece of gear. How their saga will be passed down for ages, and how the young orclings will gather around the campfire to hear the tale. I'll tell you my story.

I opened a box.

I'm still waiting to have my amazing and unique story.ie: I dont have one.Still.
Hunter - Felt lucky after doing my warden's WQ... Called in guild "Alright, legendary time", got Legendary Boots.

Mage - Wardens again, I believe... Not sure, only ever log onto it to complete all 3 WQs now. Got myself a belt.

Hunter's screenshot of the event ; http://imgur.com/a/qjVXx
I opened an Emissary Cache.

It was Sephuz.

I'm a healer >=[
VoW +4 keystone run... took a look at everyone in my party and they all had two legendaries equipped (One person bragged about having another two in his bank). Much sadness ensued.

End of the run, still doing my "omg the wall nearly killed me" stress moment when I realize I'd looted a legendary from the first chest I opened. Opened bags to see what it was and then excitement turned into depression. Sephuz, of course!

Party laughed, guild consoled. I shook my head and went "Well, can only get better from here, right??" (Still waiting for it to get better. One day.)

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