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So Monday 11/14 I got the Swift Zulian Panther and got pretty happy and it made me want to start farming mounts again. So today Tuesday 11/15 I farmed all the raids that had mounts I wanted starting with EoA Wotlk for the Azure Drake and well I get it. Ok cool 2 mounts in 2 days, thats pretty neat! I then go to Dragon Soul and get the Blazing Drake which happens to be the last drake I needed for the Awake the Drakes achievement unlocking me the Emerald Drake. At this point I am freaking out, holy crap I just got 4 mounts in 2 days wit 3 of them being really low % drop chance. I so Sethekk Halls on a few of my toons and on the 3rd try, you guessed it Raven Lord. I figured with this luck I might as well try to get Mimirons Head with this luck. I do not normally farm Ulduar because I do not like it as a raid. Well luckily I dont have to go back there because I got that literally 5 mins ago.

I know this sounds fake and there really isnt a way for me to prove a few of these but if you feel like it check my achievements and you can see.
It hurts to congratulate you :v but a lotto ticket.
Nice streak! The blazing drake absolutely refuses to drop for me. I'm in 400+ kills.
It is now time to buy a lottery ticket.
Wow nice streak!

I thought I was lucky when I dinged 110, did my first cache after unlocking WQ's and got my legendary belt!
Most of my luck went into farming the ZG Tiger mount 8 years ago. I did get Baron Rivendare's mount on the first go and I didn't even do the run for the mount. Still have yet to see Mimiron's Head - literally the only mount I want that I don't have. is pretty crazy too, congrats though!
Congrats. I'm just going to nip off and shoot myself.
Congrats! May I rub your belly for good luck?
I have heard and seen a few players before that thought their account had some bug that granted them rare mounts easily. I have read about a few people before getting just about every rare mount within the span of a few days. I would farm like crazy for all the mounts right now.

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