<Los Burritos Banditos>! LF BFA Raiders

Looking for a solid healer and dps! (A good monk heals or priest heals ideal.)
3/10 M NH
Really just needing some solid healers! Monk/Priest would be awesome!
Still looking for an active healer and DPS to fill the last few spots that are hit and miss. Wanting to hit Tomb strong when it drops.
Currently no priest healers or DK's on our team! If you are interested in joining just add me or send me some ingame mail! We are looking to get that solid 20 for Tomb!
8/9 Heroic ToS

Currently looking for a solid tank and some DPS!

Anything but another warrior tank is ideal!
Looking for more DPS and Healers!
9/9 Heroic!
We have plenty of spots open for any wanting to progress through Antorus with us! Heals and DPS!
Looking for a decent Paladin, Healer or DPS! (We currently have none!)
Any others please feel free to add me and ask!
Always recruiting!

Ranged DPS are handy!
6/11 Heroic currently.
8/11 Heroic
Heroic Coven down. 9/11
Guys looking for an arms warrior?
11/11 Heroic
01/07/2018 09:30 PMPosted by Elimaster
Guys looking for an arms warrior?

Woops sorry I never saw this, our warrior colors blended in. If you're still looking, sure. Feel free to add me in game or send me mail with questions, I'm more likely to see that.
We are going to be looking for raids for BFA if anyone is interested in hanging out and knocking out some content!

Please feel free to contact me over btag!

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