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Hydraxis and Terenas
<Pixel Perfect> is an old veteran guild established in 2007 and looking for fresh faces! We're a special, smaller guild, not your stereotypical casual group or hardcode crew. We are unique in our own way and looking to attract like minded individuals. Here's what we are/aren't in an honest post (so neither party wastes their time with unreal expectations), if this sounds like a good match for you hit us up!!

What/who we are:

* Our core has been into WOW and others MMOs for a very long time. Many of our players have been raiding together for years, some as long as 10+ years. Over the years we have logged many hundreds of raid nights together.
* Most of us are in our 30s and 40s (some obviously older/younger), with family and busy work schedules. However we still have a passion to play MMOs with friends in our limited time and logon specifically to enjoy that for a bit of our life.
* We focus on flex raiding Normal/Heroic content. Once we are confident with encounters and raid gearing on Normal we move to Heroic.

What/who we are NOT:

* We are not a mythic raiding guild looking for competitive firsts or progression. Most of us are in the "been there, done that" boat and are in a different place now (read: retired hardcore players).
* We don't raid to have flashy gear, we gear to be able to raid with our guildies. The fun is with the challenge and our teammates, not the shiny pixels of loot a boss drops.
* We don't tolerate elitism, attitudes, or unwarranted negative commentary. Life is too short and the time we are able to spend online too precious to deal with that.

What we need:

* Raiders who can attend a Monday + Tuesday night raid, 8pm to 11pm Eastern Time. It's ok if you can't make 100% of the raids, but should be able to make the majority of them so we can count on you.
* We always need DPS (any flavor), but are also looking for an extra Tank and Healer for overlap purposes (who are ok with DPSing if need be too).

Contact us:

* Visit us on our website: http://pixelperfect.guildlaunch.com
* Find us in game, on Hydraxis (Horde)
* Add me (GM) Kamikaze#1578 or my officer Tolben#1528
We could really use a tank that synergizes with this theme/schedule. One of our tanks has a newborn and will be out for a while, our backup has a schedule conflict so if some tank out there is looking for a home like this it would be nice! :)

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