What Do You Want 4 XMas?

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I already know I'm getting a nice box of WH40k minis.

Beyond that, world peace for just one day would be kinda nice.
All I want for Christmas is to down vote the OP.
11/26/2016 05:13 PMPosted by Browniebite
Two more Kirin Tor quests.

No. The platform crap was stupid. They need to nix KT dailies period

Dinner would be nice.
Reins of Invincible

My old FF III Soundtrack Teeshirt and Mog Plushie

A frellin normal work schedule.
A decent paying job with little to no headaches from managers/supervisors who are drunk with power.

I quit my job Monday. I was a daytime maintenance worker at a Walmart Supercenter.
My family is pretty fractured and spread all over the world, honestly i stock up on all the stuff i need and barely come out of my apartment over xmas, i just want it to be over fast so we can all go back to our normal lives lol
All I want for Christmas is you.
Virus, my family (immediate family anyway) all live in Kansas. I'm a big city boy. I'd go nuts trying to live in Kansas.

So, I send them a big batch of gifts once a year, to make up for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays and of course Christmas.
Jessica Alba Megan Fox
wearing nothing but their sox
is all I really want for Christmas this year!


Ironically I don't really think either of them is all that hot but the song is funny as hell.
11/26/2016 05:10 PMPosted by Mazari
That all the players who have bad attitudes towards other players for having an opinion on the forums and resort to name calling such as you calling people crybabies....go away

Seriously we don't need your negativity

There is a huge difference between post your opinion on anything and going crazy, calling devs names, say (explitive deleted) Blizz, demanding removal of things, threatening to quit, and acting like... well a child.
11/26/2016 08:03 PMPosted by Koro

Dinner would be nice.

What kind of dinner?
11/26/2016 08:28 PMPosted by Tondaleo
What kind of dinner?

Preferably one cooked by someone who is not me and competent.
I'd ask for a BG win, but that would be a big ridiculous.. almost like asking for consistent story development for a main character in WoW.

So I'll be generous this year and give out stuff instead. For instance, I'd like to completely get rid of my artifacts. I'll toss in Like the Wind quests for free. Just get them out of my house.. no returns.
11/26/2016 05:07 PMPosted by Audiemurphie
All I want for Xmas is to view a forum that is not full of whiny little crybabies.

how about you?

A nice gift for the holidays would be to view a forum that isn't full of hostile posters like you.

Fortunately I can go elsewhere for it since I don't think you and your kind will be leaving the WoW forums any time soon since you're rarely welcome anywhere else.
1. Frost Fire remembrance to finally pop.

2. Add bad luck protection for some of the hidden artifact appearances.

3. Confirmation of the new WoW tokens.

4. 7.1.5 release date known (this is pretty likely)

5. Finally win a roll on Nightbane mount.
Some nice studio quality headphones for my job.
Fury buffs
I'll be at work on Christmas, so I would take not being at work on Christmas for Christmas :)
I'd like a legendary, the price of tokens to go back down, and the WQ 'Like the Wind' to be deleted. I hope Greatfather Winter brings me what i want!

*sets down a plate of gingerbread cookies and a glass of ice cold milk*

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