Getting Older? Kids? Lack of time?

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
<Ripple Effect> is recruiting we are a somewhat older crowd that right now isn't raiding but would like to build a 10 man + and some Mythic teams. We are mostly older with families and kids but get to cut loose in /g. We have been a mainstay on the Thunderhorn server since 2006 and at times ran a fairly robust raiding team. If having a fun stress free environment where if you get kid aggro you will not lose DKP sounds good to you feel free to stop on by.
Bump, got a few new faces could use a bit more. Do you tank but everyone has their tanks? Have a healer but tired of it? Been told to re roll range dps? Hit us up.
Double Bump we need

1 full time tank.
1 part time tank or tank curious individual with a DPS main spec.
2 full time heals
1 part time heal or heal curious individual
and oddly Melee dps. Yes, we need melee dps.
I have several well geared healer alts I would not mind raiding part time with depends on the hours but My raiding stamina is not what it used to be(two year old,sleep deprived) I got maybe two hours in me before I start falling asleep! 4 if the group actually talks and has fun lol as for this toon I am keeping her in Dogs because I have vanilla friends here but I am available to do stuff weekends :)
I think we might have missed the raiding train, if you are bored and looking for in real mythic +'s let us know.
A friend of mine and I are looking for a guild, we both have several 865-870 characters. We are both old school hardcore raiders with families now. We would like to do mythic+ and normal/heroic raids. I have a 866 Resto Druid and could probably tank with him or my DH if needed. My buddy has a Prot Warrior and a 868 rogue.
I'm rolling a tauren pally, can i join ur guild, mid 30 w kids.
Hi there, I've recently came back to WoW after taking a few years off. Trying to learn the ropes again, this time I brought my wife who is new to WoW but is loving it! Are you all still looking for players to join? I play mainly a priest, my wife still testing the waters on which class to play. Would like to see some active and friendly players.
oh man. I am 42 soon to be 43, but no kids if this was an alliance guild I would be wanting to join
We have had a big dip in folks online due to a bit of entropy with the last patch. I am usually online on this toon, Saturnine, or Andersmith if you need a guild invite. So far it has been very quiet lately.

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