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Guild Recruitment
We're a new Alliance guild (est. 10/16/2016) on US-Stormrage looking to establish a casual progression team. New raiders are welcome! We have cleared normal with pug groups but we are now looking to start a team.

    To create a relaxed environment where everyone can enjoy the game to fullest.
    To start a team to clear Heroic and get as far as we can in Mythic.
    To help members gear and help new raiders!

    Looking for 1 tank, healers, and some DPS. We'll take what we can get!
    (Especially healers)

    Thursdays and Saturdays from 10:30PM EST to 1:30AM EST (if possible/necessary)
    Raids will go on for 3 hours at most

    840 item level
    Discord installed for communication
    Punctuality (must attend at least on Thursday)
    We will not tolerate poor conduct or severe incompetence.
    Be nice and try your best!

    I started this guild with three of my buddies after a long break from WoW. We did heroic content during the Mists of Pandaria expansion but our old guild has since become inactive. I have experience leading casual raids and will make the fight mechanics as simple as possible.

Add me on battle.net if you're interested: John#110781
(I'll be online around the posted raid days/times for sure)
Or post in the thread (-:

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