Your first ever toon!?

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Night Elf Death Knight back in Wrath was my main up till WOD when I made my Pandaren hunter who then got benched for my Demon Hunter here.
Right here.
N.Elf (now Troll) druid from 2006. Still play her. She's been my main in many expansions.
My first ever chara? Human Warrior. Consumed in a delete as well PVP servers were definatley not my type way back in the early early days.

My second chara, NE Warrior was also deleted, when we made the transition from Moonrunner to Sen'jin

My Third Chara is a NE Warrior. Born when Sen'jin was very new. That chara is my oldest and currently is waiting for me to level alliance charas instead of Horde ones. XD
Man... Back in Vanilla!

My first toon ever was a Tauren Druid. Only made it to level 10 with him. Second was an Orc Rogue.
Tauren druid, liked the tauren but couldn't get the hang of druid, so I deleted it around level 5 and made an orc warrior. I finally upgraded that account last year, then leveled him during the invasions, but haven't played him since.

Ultimately I think this is the character I really wanted though, it just wasn't an option at the time.
night elf hunter whose name was... my password at the time lmao

i got her to about level 15, ran around for a bit with that one rarespawn cat from northern darkshore, then dropped her when i realized druids get to be the cat

so then i rolled a nelf druid named elille with long blue hair. spent about 6 months leveling her. had a lot of shenanigans along the way to 70, including the Ultimate Mistake as a tank on the stairs in zul'farrak :p it was good times
A Tauren Druid named Hakuna. He's on the Uther server & is currently 68th level, but I'm guessing that since the account is no longer active you won't be able to see the character; my level 90 Mage on that account is also not visible.
This is my first toon. I made it in June 2005 shortly after learning of WoW while at a friend's house. I went to walmart the next day, bought it, and started playing. Shortly afterwards, my friend told me what server he was on, and since they didn't have character transfer services back then, he's been hiding out on Eonar ever since. I've tried leveling him a couple times, but just can't get into playing on Eonar. No offense to any Eonar'ians, but I don't know anyone that plays there.
This one back during Vanilla, although he was named Breuse at first. I ended up quitting shortly after hitting 55 on him, not too long before Burning Crusade was to come out. The game became progressively harder for me until I felt I couldn't progress at all and ended up quitting for a while. Unfortunately at the time I didn't really understand gearing, so I made horrible gearing choices as I leveled, and that's what caused my problems. For instance, I was stacking Intellect gear on a Ret Paladin (I figured he was a spell caster, so he should have some Intellect bonuses, right?), and every once in a while I'd run around with a sword and shield instead of a two-handed weapon (I grew up playing RPG's, and there was no Tank/DPS distinction there, and my Paladins in D&D were always armed with a sword and shield, and I never considered them a "tank"). If I knew then what I know now I probably wouldn't have had such a hard time once I started hitting the 50's.
A troll mage named Saborja.... it no longer exists :(

I think I got it to like 28 or 29 and the leveling got soooo slow back then I gave up for a little while and messed around on other classes.

Eventually I leveled an UD mage to 60 named Lvvl. xD
Mine was a rogue. She's level 22, still where I logged her off at 10 years ago. Except since Cata she got shifted to the graveyard. She's still wearing her cloth gear and if the stat was still there she would be in spirit gear. I had no idea what I was doing what so ever. My second was my druid which I still have she's level 110 though.

The only classes I can't seem to level past the 40's are rogue's, Death knight (can't get past outlands.) and Shaman.
Right here. Played this guy since launch and mained him until DH came out. Always gonna be something I level to max.
Tauren Hunter... on a friends account back in vanilla... got my own account back in BC and made a Draenei Paladin... eventually got tired of how blue sh was (this lightbringer set really didn't help) and race changed her to Human... I've been maining her ever since (except for in Cata and MoP where my Druid was my main due to them utterly destroying Holy Paladin for 2 expansions).
This guy was my first ever.

Played him in Vanilla, got weary of the PvP server he is on, and found a new home elsewhere. I occasionally log on him to read trade chat on Frostwolf for entertainment purposes, haven't actually taken him out for a spin since Cata. As evidenced by his gear.

Strangely, my eldest son was the one who convinced me to roll Dwarf and warrior, while he, with all his buddies, went and played Rogues. Good times. No, wait, bad times.

I created this character when MoP came out I think, got him to level 4 and stopped playing, game didn't look very appealing.

Fast forward 4 years and a couple of friends were going nuts about legion. Legion this legion that... eventually they convinced me to play. They went horde without even asking so unfortunately I had to make a blood elf hunter, 45 levels later I was bored out of my mind, I figured since I'd already paid for the game I might as well try a few different classes before giving up. Tried mage, another snoozefest. Rogue, couldn't get past 10. I was pretty much done at that point, so I took that old worgen for a spin in total disregard of my friends' existence, and all of sudden I couldn't stop playing, Feral was too much fun.

I had to talk them into rolling alliance as well, fortunately for us this was during that legion invasion event so we got to 100 pretty quickly, and nothing of value was lost.
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This was my first ever toon and my main throughout Wrath (I started playing with Wrath's launch). I retired him when Cata hit, and he stayed unplayed for years, but I brought him out of retirement during the pre-patch invasions. Now he has alt status, but I still play him fairly often, and I've taken him through normal EN.

Thats pretty much my story with my warrior here, only i started playing at the very start of BC and ended up retiring him at the start of lich king in favor of the death knight as my main melee character but once legion hit, the call of a glorious battle was just to loud for my warrior to ignore.
Undead rogue. Level 13 still sitting on the server i made him on. Logged him in during wod and had to rediscover brill again as i logged him out during pre cata brill
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Funnily enough you just named 2/3 of my favorite racial starting zones in the game.

#1 is still worgen hands down.

Yup, worgen is amazing for sure. I love the draenei one too though, even though I've done it over 10 times.
My first toon was a Forsaken Affliction Warlock. I didn't like playing it at all, but decided to get to level 55 so I could roll a Death Knight. Found out Death Knight wasn't for me either and started over with a Rogue and mained it for about 7 years.

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