Looking for guild :D

Rogue 869ilvl and SP ilvl 868
Happy to play Holy as main spec as well

Looking for a mature Raiding Guild
Current Prog 7/7H and 1/7 M with 3/7M exp
and 2/3 N TOV

Looking for Weekday raid spots between 5pm till 10ish pm GMT +8 but open to any offers Proging Mythic

Previous Raid EXP
13/13 M HFC
10/10 H BRF

Add me Btag Tanka#1114
hi there tanka, are you with someone or listing 2 options?

we'd be keen-starved to have your holy healing for our heal squad, looking for core healers.

3/7M M nightmare and 2/3 H tov.
working on our 4th mythic, should be down this week. we've been killing 1 mythic a week roughly, and hope to maintain that pace. *Cosmic*~ was a newly formed guild on Barthilas created by a small group of raiders who was a core part of Radiance, a 13/13M Server first guild on Aman'Thul. We have merged with <glitch>, players with a history of playing together with a rich raiding history over several xpacs. together we formed under a new banner and called ourselves <merged>

About us:

We are here on Barthilias to start progressing through the ranks and complete mythic progression at a reasonable pace

Times and days:

All times are server time

Monday 7:45pm-11:00pm
Wednesday 7:45pm-11:00pm
Thursday 7:45pm-11:00pm

What we provide:

Really cool things we will provide to you are:
* A chill raiding environment with a steady pace of progression
* Crossfire gambling during breaks
* Free repairs during raid
* Terrible puns
* guild lottery

Of course, these are just some of the things we offer.

What we're looking for:

Right now, we are after all raiders. Yes, that includes you!

Right now, our highest priority is:
* x2 Healers (Pref 1 Holy Priest or an outstanding mistweaver)
* And a handful of DPS (ranged!) [hunter/boomie/ lock]

Contacting us:
lunanyte- luna#14515

or you can apply?
Our application can be found on our website:

Alternatively you can contact either us in game or on battle.net
not sure if youve found anything yet! but just incase =)

[H] <Revere> - Barthilas

Progression: 7/7H 3/3N (clearing in 1 night)
Raid times: wed/thurs/opt. sun alt 8:30-11pm st

Our Strengths:
- Mature raiders, everyone has a great attitude towards raiding and each other, no toxic egos.
- Transparent leaders, the guild is run as a democracy. Our job is to ensure everyone has a good time, our raiders input is highly valued. We are a team!
- All our members are very welcoming and friendly, everyone mingles and runs things together outside of raids. No cliques
- We are active on our guild facebook group, we boast a strong sense of community and genuine care for each other as individuals.
- We have numerous parents with young children and people with unpredictable jobs. We are empathetic to the fact that irl commitments come first.
- Because of our environment our raiders are extremely loyal, we really do feel like a family.
- Revere is a long standing guild, we're not going anywhere anytime soon!

Our Goal:
We have the ability to be doing Mythics at a semi-hardcore rate. Our first proper crack at heroic Odyn we were 3% off a kill. We want to find more like minded raiders to finish off filling out our ranks so we can see our team reach its full potential! We love raiding and progressing but we care about how we do it. We wont recruit just anyone, attitude is by far our biggest priority. We recruit for the long term, gear/exp isnt an issue as much as the person behind the character is.
We want our family to grow so our skilled raiders can shine in mythic like they should be!

If you think Revere is the home youve been searching for, regardless of your ilvl or exp, we'd love to hear from you!

if you're still looking, <Unreformed> are recruiting numbers to tackle Mythic raids.
raid times are Weds/Sun 8.30pm ST

<Ironclad><6/7M> (Horde/Barthilus) Ex Frostmourne Alliance, currently reforming from ex hardcore raiding on Horde Barthilus looking for reliable raiders.

Raiding Schedule:
Thursday - 7.30-11.00PM SVT
Sunday - 6.00-10.00PM SVT
Monday - 7.30-11.00PM SVT (Farm/Alt Optional)

Add me if interested Battle Net: Nukems #1183
Hi Vanz

<Nostalgic> is a semi-hardcore guild on Barthilas [Horde] formed by veteran players with a plethora of experience dating back to Vanilla. Our guild maintains a successful mythic raid team that consistently looks to challenge the server's competitive raid scene, while also focusing on maintaining a strong community that caters to an array of player interests.

Raid Times: 8.30pm - 11.30pm (SVT/GMT +10) Wed, Thurs, Sun

As a semi-hardcore guild we aim to raid competitively, completing content at a reasonable pace and having fun doing it! Beginning with a small group of dedicated players in EN, we have grown into a consistent team of mythic capable raiders (as seen in our current NH progress) and are looking for a few players to finalise our Nighthold mythic team ASAP!

If this sounds like the guild you're looking for, add one of us on bnet to chat!

Hey there bud

Currently a 10/10H Raid team for a mythic guild we are the second team, we are looking for ranged dps if that interests you! so we can push into mythic!

We raid from 7pm St till 10pm ST weds/fri/sun
which is 5pm-8pm GMT8 time :) (Perth)

hmu on Skargrim#1387 if you wanna chat! we are on Barth and horde :)

Footy and Bonners 7/7M 3/10M are recruiting both heals and DPS for mythic progression.
If you're looking to tackle mythic content while raiding in a fun environment, we might be the guild for you.
We run trials on Wednesday nights on heroic. We will be looking how you handle both your class and mechanics. We are also happy to help gear people up as long as they are performing well for their ilvl.

Our raid times are 11:45pm - 3:00am SvT (9:45pm - 1:00am GMT+8)

If you're interested or need more info add one of us on Bnet or Chat in Game:

GM - Ultravíolet - HamGeorge#6157

Officer - Runther - Azoras#6540


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