Do I just have bad luck with Legendaries?

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I've now gotten a legendary on three toons (Feral, Rogue, ww Monk) which is pretty cool, it's great to have legendaries.

But every single one has been the Prydaz bubble necklace. I certainly like the extra stats and a gem socket, but all my DPS classes are getting a crummy bubble after not taking dmg for 5 sec!? So many cool effects from the legendaries and I keep getting shafted with this one. Not to mention I now have to hear the bubble noise every 30 seconds. This thing is just plain annoying.
I'd genuinely take Prydaz or Sephuz at this point. I still don't have a legendary on any of my 3 110's.
what about the people who have 0 legendaries?
and you have a legendary on 3 toons.
I've only got one, Sephuz's ring... I've downed so many bosses and have done every emissary quest since launch and still only 1 crap ring. The RNG on legendaries really sucks. Why couldn't it be a legendary token that you turned in for the gear you need instead of random crap?
still 0 leg *cry*
This has been brought up before but they REALLY need to make sure all legendaries are on par with each other. Waiting for so long to get one from pure RNG and then it being a !@#$ty or at least subpar one, is just soul crushing.
>thread title
>"I've now gotten a legendary on three toons"

No, you're not unlucky. I have zero.
I think the system is still truely bugged I got my 4th legendary on another character so now I have 1 on each of 4 characters now, I got them atleast 1 day apart with only doing caches for each of them

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