Order of the Blue Wyvern (PvE/WPvP)

Emerald Dream
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They didn't join this team to win championships, or to become famous. They joined because there is important work to be done. And only some able to do it.

They are brighter, better educated, lead, and equipped than any other team in Azeroth. They are warriors, healers, engineers, alchemists, and combat troops; All prepared for whatever comes their way.

You'll find them where the lights don't flash. And the only contract they sign is with themselves, and their country. One day, they may be asked what they did to make a difference in this world.

And they can respond: "I became a Blue Wyvern"

Fair winds and following seas
'The Wyvern's were often grouped with some of the greatest heroes of the age.

Azeroth trembled when they took the field and she bled long afterward. The whole of the Horde fled when the blue and gold banners appeared on the horizon.

No one enemy could wrestle the Order and all of her might.'
Just a question. Do you all actually fly blue wyverns?

That would be pretty awesome.

like a rideable tabard.

Omnos, your joining them is the best news I've read in a while. All hail <GankSpank>, may it decay in peace and obscurity.
Of course. We got our namesake stealing enslaved blue wyverns from Thrallmar.
A certain Horde guild is pretty quick to emote spam and call us chicken, but won't accept a simple 5v5 wargame!

Cowards will be cowards.
11/19/2016 08:38 PMPosted by Cústom
11/19/2016 08:17 PMPosted by Danterius
Ironsworn are good people, the Warsong clan however will be cleansed at all costs.
We need a solution.

cleanse yourself
All is fair in love and war.

Bump for the order, may we meet again soon.
12/08/2016 02:12 AMPosted by Zìffy
11/19/2016 08:38 PMPosted by Cústom
... We need a solution.

cleanse yourself

His sub lapsed :(

12/08/2016 07:05 AMPosted by Isû
All is fair in love and war.

Bump for the order, may we meet again soon.

How you been d00d?
When it's your job to protect the worlds greatest nation, it's your responsibility to solve the worlds greatest challenges.

This is why we search for the best and brightest, why we train for every eventuality on land, water, and in the air. We operate in a complex world with one simple mission: WIN.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, Join Order of the Blue Wyvern.

Fair winds and following seas
Am drunk, ama
The challenges facing Azeroth never stop, so neither does the Order of the Blue Wyvern. We train, adapt, and get smarter. Every soldier. Every unit. Every day. Not to keep up with change. But to drive it. Nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring, but we do know who will solve them.

Learn more and contact us today!

Fair winds and following seas
Bump for sawyer... cause he is a beautiful soul
Looking for more folks to play Battlefield 1 with and kill the Kaiser's troops.
What the hell has been going on, geeeeeez. I'm blaming Kampfmann, it's always his fault. Always.
You left us!
The loading screen of death has made me not even want to play. I've tried everything to fix it, and it's been a huge issue on the tech support forums and nothing is being done about it.

And not playing for two weeks doesn't mean I left! I JUST NEEDED SOME SPACE OMG!
The tabard of the Order of the Blue Wyvern is many things: A key. An acceptance letter. A passport. It's a magnet. A pair of wings. It's a breaktrhough. A diploma.

It's a secret handshake. And the jersey of the greatest team in Azeroth. This is the uniform of the Order of the Blue Wyvern.

It makes you stronger. It can make you wiser. More substantial. More
Respected. It can take you further than you ever imagined. It's more than a uniform.

And it only comes in one size: LEGENDARY.

Fair winds and following seas
Fun World PvP vs ISR tonight, good stuff as always. They hit us w/ a few less but we came back and won the even numbered fight.

Appreciate them letting us rez so we returned the favor. And we defended Anduin as well! All in good fun.

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