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Guild Recruitment
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It's always exciting to see all the new content and group up with guildies to crush some dungeons! Several groups finishing up mythic dungeons with several more on the way. Could always use some new players to group with and prep for Uldir!
If pugging your way to mythic tier isnt for you, come give AMP a shot. You'll never have to pug again! :)
Two more resets until mythic+ & N/H Uldir are released! Going to be a blast pushing those keys and stomping those raid bosses - don't miss out on the fun! :D

Best moment so far: Playing chicken in the water of Siege of Boralus. I think Leitbur won - his prize was a free rez after becoming shark bait!
Working through the last bit of Norm Udlir before we move into heroic. All groups are doing very well
Our raid progression is moving along nicely, M+ teams have started up, and we're working on building a viable RBG comp for season 1. Come and join in the fun.
All raid teams still need some refining in terms of recruitment!
Raid group #5 in the making! Meaning we are still looking for more folks!
351 fury warr interested

Updated every groups progression. Keep at it!
would a holy paladin be an option for any sun/monday group?


discord: bakua#6637
Group 5 is now active! Welcoming Rexxar's Roughnecks into the fold!
Have what it takes?

These are the rules. Everybody fights, nobody quits. If you don't do your job I'll kill you myself. Welcome to the Roughnecks!

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