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Join us live on Twitch Wednesday, December 7, at 10:00 a.m. PST, as we sit down with Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A. You can tune in live at:

Feel free to submit any questions you may have by posting in this forum thread or tweeting using the hashtag #LegionQA.

As a reminder, we would like to keep the questions short so we can get to as many of them as possible, so please keep your questions to 40 words or less. Thanks, and we hope to see you Wednesday, December 7, at 10:00 a.m. PST!
Unholy DK's rely heavily on RNG and to some degree the right legendary to do competitive DPS. Current PTR changes do not seem to address these issues. Are there any plans to improve upon the systems in Unholy?
Since locks aren't slated for QoL improvements in 7.1.5 when can we expect these updates?
Can we please remove reputation restrictions on the toys and transmogs in our collection? Mounts and pets are not restricted that way but these items are and it seems counterproductive.
For those of us highly dissatisfied with our classes (looking at warlocks here) after such a heavy time investment, is the 7.1.5 AK catch-up a way to alleviate player frustration? Or were the purchasable AK ranks for alts always in the plan?
What's the next step of fury warrior changes after that temporary 8% buff in 7.1? Currently fury get more DPs from secondary stats compare to primary stat, with the secondary stats change in 7.1.5, is this situation gonna improve?
You often discredit the opinion of the community and the values shown of Sims by saying you have your own systems, what are these, why do they hold more weight and why aren't we allowed better visibility into them.
What is the design goal behind the new Mind Spike, and what (if anything) is going to be done to Legacy of the Void to bring it closer to Surrender to Madness?
1- Are you going to look at Life Tap for warlocks? Feels like a penalty more than a boon. Maybe make Empowered Life Tap baseline so Life Tap has a benefit rather than just being a penalty for warlocks not having infinite mana like other casters.

2- Warlock ramp up time and aoe holds them back in higher mythic+ content, since affliction is the only AoE spec and it relies on mobs dying quick to do so. Plans to improve baseline AoE & burst?

3- The Doomguard and Infernal as cooldown substitutions for the warlock feel weak, and limited because of Grimoire of Supremacy. Would you bring Dark Soul back for a proper DPS cooldown that allows the warlock burst?

4- Destro warlocks feel constrained by Wreak Havoc. Any plans to improve the dreadful single target without tying it to their cleave? Destro feels competitive on 2+ targets but bottom of the barrel single target by a large margin.

5- The inability of demo/destro warlocks to cope with movement without Norgannon's legendary is a factor that holds them back significantly compared to mages, shadow priests, and hunters, who have so many abilities to DPS on the move. Any thoughts?

6- Can we have Glyph of Wrathguard back? Or at least more glyphs to use the new demon models in this xpac? Glyph of the Jailor for Doomguard.

7- When are the animation updates coming for warlocks? Green fire not updated like orange fire, and affliction still has Vanilla animations.

8- Are developers happy with Demonwrath? Fells like an incredibly weak aoe spell only used to fish for shards for single target nukes. Hand of Guldan does not do enough aoe damage.
What was the reasoning behind removing ice floes for fire and arcane? Why not just give each spec its own flame floes type spell? By nerfing our combustion damage and buffing our sustain damage, a movement type ability like that becomes exponentially more important.
Why not just disable legendaries in mythic raids and high level m+?

High level being 15+.

Seems like that would solve much of the frustration
12/02/2016 10:03 AMPosted by Pork
You often discredit the opinion of the community and the values shown of Sims by saying you have your own systems, what are these, why do they hold more weight and why aren't we allowed better visibility into them.

I can't answer that ofc but do be aware that Blizzard actually HAS multiple former theorycrafters on their team such as Skullflower and Hamlet (who was part of Elitist Jerks).

So it's not going to be a black and white answer.
For shadowpriests it is mandatory to have the JC necklace in order to be competitive, any chance of having an on demand Insanity CD that isn't a talent?
Do you feel that too much emphasis was placed on RNG this expansion? So much of it is locked behind being "lucky".
What exactly are you going to do to improve communication between devs and players in regards to class changes? We have heard the same talk since beta and nothing has improved.
Targeting is still a major issue. What plans does Blizzard have to address how to quickly target the closest mob? My key binding for Nearest Target is the TAB key but it targets a mob that is the farthest away.
Long term plans for Warlocks? Numbers aren't terrible, but none of the specs feels fun to play.
What are your plans for addressing the current state of the Unholy Death Knight?

Unholy DK is a wonderful example of a spec that has had massive issues since beta (there are several others), with design failures across the board. Consistent and educated feed back has been provided by the community, and we have been answered with a paltry buff to the worst spender in the game (deathcoil), minor talent tweaks and a complete reluctance and failure to communicate on your side...
Your current design philosophy doesn't allow for the "well at-least one of your specs is ok" logic of the past.

Going forward, what are you plans on resolving your communication issues with your consumers?
With the mention of 'baking in' some talents, will blood DKs be getting something to deal with Cenarius without having to respec for rune tap?

Is taking DT/Summons off the GCD up for consideration as a QoL improvement for Unholy? Or Returning Death's Advance in place of the CD that's as reliable as a Dalek going up stairs?
What is the design philosophy behind gating quality of life improvements (Aimed Shot on the move, Dire Beast charges) behind RNG legendaries?

Is there any plan to address the legendary system to level the playing field or provide choice? For MM Hunters, for example, a vast majority of top parses have at least one if not two of War Belt of the Sentinel Army, Ullr's Snowfeather Shoes, or Zevrim's Hunger.

Furthermore, with major changes to top-performing specs (another hunter example: removing 30 focus, marked shot nerf), some legendaries look like they'll perform worse. Are there plans to level this out?

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