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I got this as my 3rd legendary and I like it a lot for trash pulls. Especially in pug EN. I used to die a lot to those snail things before the first boss. Now I have a 400,000 self proccing shield on top of my ice shield which is 300,000+ This really helps on repair bills. I put it on again as we kill our way up that winding tunnel. No more deaths to that aoe explosion. I haven't tried it in TOV normal yet but I'm sure it is gonna help there also on the trash. I think in any situation where I'm not sure about the heals this baby is going on. :)
It's gonna get even better for us tanks in 7.1.5 OP :)
The incoming buffs make it a pretty good stat stick for a neck piece.
I'm just sad they're taking Mastery off it. Haste is the worst.
12/19/2016 05:30 PMPosted by Teritia
I'm just sad they're taking Mastery off it. Haste is the worst.

Did something change? Last I checked mastery is still on the item. They just slightly decreased the amount of mastery and added haste to the item. Equal amounts of mastery, crit and haste last I checked.

Personally this works well for me since haste and crit are my best two secondary stats for the spec I prefer playing. And all around, even though it is still a utility legendary, it will be a nice stack stick for pretty much every class and spec in the game.

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