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12/21/2016 02:28 AMPosted by Windybreezy
Nothing of value would be lost.

The fact that this post has six upvotes, is all you need to know about the legendary "system".
If those legendaries didn't actually make the spec played feel more fluid/smooth and actually playable, then honestly I don't think I'd really care and/or mind if legendaries did tend to poof. That said, there are some specs that really, really NEED particular items to give them some control restored. A prime example is The Apex Predator's Claw (aka - formerly WoD's BM Adaption talent at 100) and The Wild Call (-50 CD from Aspects = more survival/speed). Those should just be IN the spec already, though there are those worse off.

I think the main mistake was to put pure utility in there (and most of these spec legendaries don't even have the stats optimal/desired FOR their spec) and mix it with dps. At the end of the day, people are gonna want what grants them the ability to best perform the role.

The MoP cape wasn't too bad. The WoD ring was ... ok, a little meh but also fair game. Random for the sake of random .. not so much.

/two cents.
I love the mobility I get from Aggramar's Stride. But, if I was told that I had to give those back for an equal iLvl same stat balance set of boots (just no effect bonus on them) and that I was also loosing wraithwalk but getting back Death's Advance, I would not care in the least.

I am probably somewhat biased though as I lack any of the major throughput legendaries.
I'd rather they just delete all accessory Legends and any useless Utility legend.

Why Accessories? Because there are no main stat on them, so all that bonus you get to main stat from Ilvl no longer occurs. 910 legendary pants that are useless at least give you a vast boost to your main stat. A useless accessory gives you nothing and normally doesn't even have your 2 main secondary's.

Remove those from the game, mail random legends in their place and you've improved the game quite a bit.
One thing to consider if they were to just "delete" all legendaries ... what happens to those slots where players have something equipped and probably sold the previous item? Do we get a piece of relative junk, like the 835 items out of emissary caches? Do we get a max TF piece for the highest content we've done?

I do think they made a big mistake making so many legendaries, with some a huge increase in a class/spec capability while others are one-off situational utility. The huge increase style made more sense when it people didn't even get it until after they'd completed end-game content multiple times. It wasn't make or break to get into end-game content.

I think another oddity in this expansion is that we've already got the artifact weapon, which is legendary in its own way and comes with an equip usage and upgrades (relics) and talent paths (traits). Imagine if they'd just squashed all the utility and capability increase options they scattered on the legendaries into our weapon and given us a way to choose which we wanted to access. It could be another talent tree, where one row was the utilities and another row was the capability increases.

If they absolutely had to have their RNG game, we would get drops to unlock the rows, but honestly I'd rather see the rows mimic game progression. (If I don't do raids, I don't get the raiding row. If I don't do PvP, I don't get the PvP row. If I don't max my professions, I don't get the profession row. Direct correlation of choices to what I need to do to earn them.)
How to procrastinate on something that wont happen at least not in the current expansion, we're too far down the road to turn back.
I would not care either way as long as the item give me the same dps value
Heck i would even be fine with 860-875 replacement gear to get rid of this legendary mess and have the stuff baked back into the.classes
I could not support Blizzard getting rid of legendary items. The ones that were gained due to a bug at the start should have been removed, but they were not. The ones that have been gained by people legitimately though through the current means of acquiring them should remain however.

All I could support is them changing the manner in which you earn them, and only if they are actually earned, instead of the ridiculously stupid RNG on extreme RNG method they currently suffer with.

Blizzard should cut their losses with the horrible system they have now, and implement a process by which you earn a knowable currency from the various activities that can trigger a legendary item drop. Once you earn enough currency, then you can go and purchase the legendary item of your choosing, so that you can get them in the order you wish.

Concern about people not picking utility legendary items is overblown, as even if they are not the first items people will choose, people will eventually pick them up for their niche usefulness.

OR, if they really have to keep it so that the items are RNG, then you should be able to buy a token that randomly rolls a legendary item for your class/spec combo (giving you time to put yourself in the spec you wish to see the item for before rolling).

Either way, the system should have a steady way to acquire the items that does not rely on the obfuscated RNG mechanics and 'bad luck protection'. You should earn your legendary items, not just get lucky.

Only that will save this system from being terrible.
12/21/2016 02:24 AMPosted by Ðmoney
Blizzard just deleted all the legendaries.

Pretend they just said, you know what, we screwed this one up. Sorry for those of you who got your BiS legendaries, here are some 895 pieces in the mail to equip in the slot for each legendary you lost.

I have pretty good legendaries on all my toons, including shard of exodar, and I would honestly be fine with this.

I mean I was one of the lucky ones I got a good throughput legendary that works for all 3 mage specs, but man I feel for people out there that put in literally 500+ hours and get stuck with like Prydaz Sephuz and whatever class specific utility garbage exists for them.

Would anyone out there actually care if Blizzard did this? Or would most people recognize that this is a horribly imbalanced and frustrating system, that even if they happened to land on the lucky side of things, is bad for the game as a whole?

Slap yourself for this thought. Well and for me.
I'd sacrifice mine for some mobility and not having to depend on rng or vulnerability to improve my damage.
I'd be completely okay with legendaries being purged. They've been nothing but trouble since their inception, people gave them constant feedback on how the system proposed wasn't really a positive and would ultimately prove to be a problem for progression - feedback they naturally ignored.

Odds are we won't see the system gone until Legion is over, but a man can dream can't he?
12/21/2016 02:24 AMPosted by Ðmoney
Blizzard just deleted all the legendaries.

I wouldn't care at all so long as they give me something to fill the gear hole that isn't garbage.

The legendary system in Legion is horrible.
It should have either been a "legendary questline" like in MoP and WoD, or they should have gone with a vendor system.
Gaining a certain amount of tokens a week from doing things (dungeons, WQs, LFR, wouldn't have mattered for the sources so long as there was a weekly cap), and then set prices at a decent cost for your first one, then doubling it for the second, then doubling that for the third, etc.

A system where people have a goal at the end and something to actually work towards and look forward too is much much better.
It gives people goals and a motivation to keep doing things, rather then the dejected annoyance that oh so many people have now because of these borderline essential for a lot of classes RNG items.
I think Blizzard's mistake was making utility legendaries.

Nobody cares about utility. All they care about is how the item lets them perform.
12/21/2016 11:51 AMPosted by Vyni
I think Blizzard's mistake was making utility legendaries.

Nobody cares about utility. All they care about is how the item lets them perform.

No, the mistake was making them RNG and putting in so many of them.

They should have been limited to 4 per spec, 2 at launch, another with the launch of the next raid tier, another with the launch of the 3rd raid tier.
And they should have been on a system where they were earnt through effort as a goal always in sight, rather than this "will my crappy reward box give me one today?"
12/21/2016 11:51 AMPosted by Vyni
I think Blizzard's mistake was making utility legendaries.

Nobody cares about utility. All they care about is how the item lets them perform.

On the contrary, I think Blizzard's problem was making throughput legendaries. I believe every legendary should have been utility and then all the throughput abilities the legendaries offered up could be Tier bonuses, talents, or just baseline abilities/passives.

It would remove the "I'm hitting a wall in my DPS, I'm going to farm for my BIS legendary with a 1:8 chance of getting it", and make raid fights that can use a specific utility legendary a (non-game breaking) boon for raids. Whether or not it's added mobility for fights, shields to relieve healers, etc., that wouldn't harm the class at all and allow you to feel like those orange items are actually doing something in raids and other content.
12/21/2016 02:39 AMPosted by Ðmoney
12/21/2016 02:34 AMPosted by Omegazor
Is there anything stopping you from vendoring yours?

And how would this fix the problem? Everyone else isn't going to vendor theirs so all the unlucky people out there will still be underperforming...

Vendoring my personal legendaries wouldn't do anything to bring back balance and fairness to the world, but yeah if somehow vendoring my BiS ones deleted all legendaries I would in a heartbeat.

You sound like a commie
12/21/2016 05:31 AMPosted by Somalion
are we going to get compensated in some way for the ilevel drop as we will

The suggestion was that your empty slot would be replaced with the same Ilvl gear as your legendary, but just doing away with the legendary system.

Clearly you didn't read.
Get em outta here! Bake the abilities into the class. Replace them with high ilvl stat sticks. Save time by not trying to make the legendary round peg fit into a square hole.
It would be annoying because some people can't succeed without them. It isn't always a matter of legendaries creating imbalance, it's legendaries furthering the imbalance that already existed.

There's no actual reason for me to be in a raid. I bring nothing and I do nothing. Everything that I have is one-upped by another healer.

When I got my bracers I finally felt like I wasn't going to be obliterated by a resto druid, because my Revival gets shortened by a minute. Behold: it can compete with 2min Tranquility...except not so much since it still does less healing.

Yeah, MW have great throughput... that is outshone by Discipline. Yeah, we're mobile... that is outshone by druids. Yeah, we have cooldowns... shaman are brought to raids for theirs and ours are forgettable. No, seriously, our raid forgets that I have them.

When we were first killing Nythendra, naturally we CDed after MC for the burst from tank. It was my turn, I used Revival and then our raid leader called for it because you literally couldn't tell I used it since our health did not move and it does half the healing of an equivalent CD.

My friends make fun of me for playing this.


Legendaries disappearing would be a band-aid on the junkyard of horrible design owned by Blizzard.

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