2016 - Year of the Celebrity Grim Reaper

Movies, TV and Entertainment
David Bowie - singer, actor, and fashion icon.
Rene Angelil and Daniel Dion - husband and brother of Celine Dion.
Alan Rickman - Hans Gruber, Sheriff of Nottingham, Colonel Brandon, and Severus Snape just to name a few.
Dan Haggerty - Grizzly Adams
Glenn Frey - The Eagles
Jimmy Bain - Dio and Rainbow
Maurice White - Earth, Wind, and Fire
Harper Lee - To Kill A Mockingbird author
Nancy Reagan - Former First Lady
Frank Sinatra Jr - Frank Sinatra's kid (obviously =p) and a singer too.
Patty Duke - Actress
Merle Haggard - Country Singer
Doris Roberts - Actress
Prince - Singer
Muhammad Ali - Boxer
Kimbo Slice - MMA / UFC fighter
Gordie Howe - Hockey
Ron Lester - Actor
Anton Yelchin - Actor
Miss Cleo - "psychic"
Matt Roberts - Three Doors Down
Steven Hill - Law & Order
Gene Wilder - Actor
Alexis Arquette - Actor
Arnold Palmer - Golf Legend / Drink
Janet Reno - Attorney General
Florence Henderson - Mrs. Brady
Ron Glass - Actor (Shepherd Book)
John Glenn - Astronaut / U.S. Senator
Alan Thicke - Actor / Song Writer
Zsa Zsa Gabor - Actress and the original "famous for being famous"
George Michael - Singer
Carrie Fish - Actress / Princess Leia
Debbie Reynolds - Singer / Actress / Carrie Fisher's mother

(I probably missed some but damn... it's been a horribly busy year.)
The list is missing Bieber and the entire clan of Kardashians. Hey, you can hope, right?

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